Unused Character Sketches

I meant to upload this one earlier:

This one is the Hugo Rufus hybrid.

Right now, that’s all the ones I have unlocked.

And for the remainder of this thread that shall be his name. Sho (MUTHAFUCKIN’) 'Nuff. Of course that would never fly as his actual name, but for now it will do. I would love to see them put Sho’nuff in the game. There aren’t enough black fighters in games, and when they do make it they’re archaic stereotypes. The Japanese are notorious for their pre 70’s portrayal of black folks in their media. For just once I’d like to see a legitimate badass make it.


Ten bucks that his ultra was him shooting energy beams out of that huge medallion or some shit

I agree wholeheartedly with your post, just gota point out Dudly. I was so happy to see a decent portrayal of a black fighter in SF.

sho nuff would be just another stereotype, i could do better than that.:lol:

Fair enough. I forgot about Dudley. Although my pessimist nature leads me to point out the fact that the game designers only had room for one stereotype and the English one of posh and sophistication took precedence over his blackness.

Maybe you could do better, but he doesn’t have to be a stereotype. I get on the bus and see that nigga everyday. Why can’t he just be a regular guy (with superhuman abilities)? He doesn’t have to speak broken English, dance after a win and go AAWWWRIGHT! when he’s happy. Just give him the smoothness of Shaft with a charismatic air that says he’s as used to handing out ass whoopin’s as McDonalds is to handing out Chicken Nuggets.

he looks a bit like willis from enter the dragon. i was watching this movie today thinking he would be a great fighting game character.

is character art only unlocked through trial mode? if so than blanka only has 7 pictures :frowning:

Worst cotume design has to go to one of Dictator’s concept sketch where he looks like a DC Comic book character reject.

Posted in the wrong thread before but here are more pictures of him. Supposedly his name was King Cobra.

King Cobra

And ughh…Rufus/Hugo hybrid and Old El Fuerte are bad looking.

that guy looks pretty cool. i can see why he didn’t make it in. he’s got baggy pants and he’s sagging them. the modelers apparently don’t know how NOT to make pants that don’t hug every fucking crevice in the human body:arazz:

I wish that guy had made it into the game, he looks really cool. The one with what would become Ken’s alt, he looks like he would rock, especially if they put him in with the afro and stuff. Looks like he would have been another shoto, though, which I don’t really mind because I use shotos

Also, that concept sketch of Rufus makes him look like the Clown from Spawn. There’s this other sketch of a black version of Rufus with spiky hair and a preliminary Candy in the background, too. Finally, there is a sketch of the current Rufus with his hair down, he looks like a D&D nerd game master guy XD

The buff El Fuerte looks too generic to me, but current El Fuerte could use some buffing, both design and moveset wise. No one I know personally enjoys using him, and I am the only one who can actually begin to manage him out of my group. There is this rough sketch of El Fuerte where he looks really fruity and creepy, it’s an old version of him in the chef get-up with a huge face with really creepy eyes and the peach fuzz moustache. It’s pretty funny, if you ever get to see it.

Damn that looks pretty good. Makes you wish some of the unused characters made the cut. I can’t seem to get into Fuerte and Rufus. I don’t really care for them.

Officially maining King Cobra if he sees the light of day.

I would just hope this “King Cobra” isn’t another Shoto… also, would have been epic next to C. Viper, because you can never have enough snake references in video games. In fact, they should rename the other characters. They could make Rufus “Rattlesnake”, Abel “Adder”, and my personal favorite, El Fuerte “El Culebra!”

make no mistake about it that picture is none other then Jason Cole :rofl:

I enjoy the King Cobra’s character. Ikeno is quite the master at getting form and expression through every sketch.

This gallery feature, is probably my favorite thing about the game, just drawing from these is so great for learning.

Anyone hear anything about Capcom creating an artbook for this game, with these sketches and other production art in it?

Thanks so much for posting these. Please post more. Some of us aren’t good enough to unlock all these :sweat:

King Cobra must be the biggest badass ever. Gettin’ some C.Viper ass.