Unused Character Sketches


Oh damn, this is insane. They must of shown it to Ono and he said hmm whats this in the top right I want to see more of that lol :bluu:

Those sketches are awesome, that character would of been cool 100x than Rufus lol. Maybe we’ll see him in some form (alternate costume for Dee Jay) :bgrin:

I like pencil sketch where he looks older and has the afro as opposed to young bald Sean.

I completely agree with you guys. When I unlocked these I was hanging out with 3 of my friends and we all said “Now THAT guy is cool, why the hell did we get Rufus when we could have had him.”

I think the bald and afro versions could have both worked for the character, one as an alt costume. That purple outfit looks awful on Ken, but I really dig it on Cobra.

It was probably based on his character since he is called King Cobra, if I remember correctly the style of karate William’s character used was Cobra something :razz:

That black dude sketch reminded me of Jim Kelly for some reason. A Jim Kelly tribute and a Bruce Lee tribute. And his opening quote should: “You look like you come straight out of a comic book.”

Jim Kelly, Bruce Lee… Black dude and Fei-Long… Fei-Long’s alt… Enter The Dragon anyone?

were there any female unused character sketches?

How did you unlock those King Cobra sketches?

Seems like an other shoto to me which would suck… But isn’t Ken have now his costume as alt?

Someone should ask Ono.

I’m co-signing that. He looks bad ass, if he sometime in the future get’s in the game, I will main him.

I’ll take this guy over Fuerte or Rufus ANY day.

2nd picture costume is bad ass. That with the face in the middle of the 4th picture would of been nice to see. Definitly would of used this guy. They should of ditched Rufus and gave this guy his moves, minus ultra because this guys stomach isn’t big enough for you to bounce off of lol.

EDIT: Quick rough PS job but something like this would of been cool


He look cool and all but the name “King Cobra” is the name of a malt liquor that stereotypically associated with African Americans… Cobra would be a good name though.

Yeah seriously. He’s not that bad and both Rufus and El Fuerte are stupid so yeah.

should have put kobra in the game. fighting games need more SERIOUS negro characters.:sad:

See some of the stage concept art? Personally, I liked the jungle concept art way more than the actual turnout. It has a crashed airplane on the right side. Same goes with Sagat’s SFII-esque statue stage that apparently turned into the cliche’ star wars volcano one. I can’t find pics, may have to snag my own = /.

i beat sakura’s normal trial and unlocked like a bazillion pictures. wtf? after beating ALL of blanka’s and dhalsim’s trials i get about 7 or 8 pics but just beating half of sakura’s trials gets me a shit load.

We really should raise awareness of King Cobra and tell Capcom we need him in SFIV Dash. We need more serious Negro men in Street Fighter like a poster above me said, and King Cobra is the man to do it!

On a side note, I’ve heard rumors from an interview that Dee Jay and T.Hawk will be in Dash, and that Ono wanted/wants to put Rolento in it as well, but cites ‘We’d need to get the license for Final Fight for it and that’s too much money’ or some BS as the reason that he can’t.WTF is up with that, Capcom owns Final Fight.

sorry guys, have to pull a kanye west and say

“capcom dont give a crap about black folks” If they wanted the would’ve put him in, looks like we are stuck with mike “BLACKFACE” bison.:shake:

Dudley is ambiguous.

A lot of people think he’s Indonesian Indian - he hails from England, after all.

On topic, why the hell was King Cobra axed? :tdown:

The “Afro” version of him was 11 shades of win, on a 10 shade scale.

Yeah… Dudley is Indian/Southeast Asian.

Really? That’s interesting because all the white-as-fuck theater people here drink it. :lol:

learn somethin new everyday