Unusual places that you shave?


Is it normal for guys to shave their feet? I do it because sometimes the hairs get caught in my sock and then they tug and irritate my skin when the inside of my sock or shoe rubs against it.


My balls don’t shave themselves.


I have shaved in the car once.


I normally shave everything except my legs and sometimes my face. I like the feeling.


I shave my dicc :cybot:


I shave my barely existent and seeable unibrow (barely existent but there’s hardly any hair between my eyebrows and almost unseeable because I’m dark as hell). I blame my father’s genetics for being a hairy ass individual, but neither of my parents have a unibrow. :wtf:

I’m never shaving my chest again though. The aftermath was a bitch.


I shave the fat flaps of my fat flaps.


I got drunk and shaved my eyebrows. Twice. I don’t drink anymore.


Armpits. I started shaving my torso after getting tattoos. And the junk, of course.


Does hair interfere with the ink or do you just wanna show em off?


Asian wife & I do the 69 position to save time in shaving each other.


I shaved this one spot on my shin when I was in grade 9, and it’s never really grown back.


I think I accidentally wtfed your comment while trying to reply on my phone. My chest is extremely hairy and the tat wouldn’t be visible at all if i let it grow back to how it was. Right before getting it done was the first time ever shave it and ended up liking how it looked.


Alright thx for the insight. I plan to get my ink but I dont wanna shave my forearms/calves (aside from getting the initial tat. So if it gave some complications to the colors I would be pissed. Im a late bloomer on cgest hair. Wont have to worry about that for a few years.


Your mom’s vagina. :coffee: