Unusual Problem with TE stick

For some reason my button inputs aren’t registering on my TE stick. I am sitting here trying to unlock characters, but this thing suddenly stops working and I can’t do any attacks. I can still move the joystick, but the buttons won’t work. My only option every time this happens is to restart the system.

Has this happened to anyone else, I’m trying to solve this problem because I want to avoid having to ship this back. I’m gonna call madcatz tomorrow though.

helpies :confused:

I got an e-mail saying Madcatz fucked up the first batch and a lot are coming out with problems. Markman said Madcatz will be doing an announcement for the SE stick problems, they will probably mention the TE as well. So stay put and try to get a hold of their costumer support.

I haven’t had any problems so far, so yeah… can’t help you there. I’m sure one of the stick modders can suggest you something though. Is this happening only with SF4 btw?

Ok, thanks for the response. Hopefully it’s soon since I now have SFIV :lovin: When did you get the email, btw?

Nope, on HD remix it happened while I was playing as well.

For how long have you had your stick and when did this problem show up? @_@ I think I heard of something like that on the official thread, but it’s probably hell to find it over there atm :confused:

Well, I’ve had it since the 10th. At first my original problem was it couldn’t work on the PC. I finally got it working on my laptop. It usually only happens like after a few hours of play. If I play for a while nothing happens. It’s strange because the joystick can still be moved but no buttons work at all.

Yah, the official thread is huge. At least 200+ pages are about pre-orders also.