Unzip your pants and unleash your SHANG

WTF is this shit

Test Your Might - He Wants YOU To Join Shang’s Army!
"It appears that Shang Tsung actor, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa is gathering 900 soliders - gamers, athletes, and martial artists, 300 each and giving them special privileges and opportunities. Below, is the “official” press release from MortalKombatOnline.com:

“PRESS RELEASE: Shang Tsung is looking for a FEW GOOD MEN & WOMEN to join his Warrior Army of Souls. Today, Fatality Friday, ShangsArmy.com unveils the world of Shang through his alter ego, actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa. Cary-Hiroyuki introduces his evolutionary physical training system called Chuu Shin Innercizes through Shang?s Army. 300 Athletes, 300 Martial Artists, and 300 Gamers will comprise the first members of Shang?s Army. Each member will receive personalized training from Shang himself via Skype, podcasts, and member forums. Chuu Shin Innercizes represent the first Gamer physical training system in the Earth Realm. Concentration, focus, endurance training will bring Gamers to their Peak Performance levels never before seen in the gaming world. The effect of Chuu Shin Innercizes will effect Athletes and Martial Artists in the same fashion; Peak Performance through Breathing, Gravity and Centrifugal Force Exercises and Innercizes. Membership is limited to the first 900 to register. Join now. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa | ShangsArmy.com | Chuu Shin Breathwork | Ninjah Sportz | Index Page or become a Shang FATALITY!!!”

Pay 100$ for “all access to Shang”!

I think it’s cool.

I’ll keep my pants as they are though.

What the hell?

Use the MK forum. Punted there.

tbh this is so bizarre it should probably get punted to general discussion

My Shang Tsung. Is that normal?

I remember watching the movie a long time ago. The video game Shang looks different and not in a good way.