UO vs OSU?

I want to make this happen! SF4 fell through at the civil war lan party, but I want to get some competition going between the schools. Anybody from OSU interested?

Maybe sometime down the road… assuming Alumni are allowed?

Hello gentleman,
I’m from OSU side and recently I’ve been trying to pool more players together for SSF4. Let me know what you’re thinking and perhaps we can get something going.


I went to the UO OSU lan just for sf4 and ended up being one of three people in it at UO. Would love to see an increase in players.

We had a good crowd ranging about 10-20 people. The experience was good. Should of came up to Oregon State’s event :slight_smile:

That would of been nice. Being the champion out of three isn’t to awesome haha.

Yo I’d come out not representing either side; Fistful of Dollars style.