UOH into...

What can be comboed of an UOH besides SA3? And when and where does it have to land to combo (early, deep, late)? Can anything be done if you land a UOH early? (I usually get sweeped or something worse)

You mean if you land it late? If you land it early it connects into almost anything I believe.

early UOH -> mp shoryu xx SA3

can someone tell me why ryu users make more use of his UOH?

imo UOH is a better option than b+mk.

ryu can combo close s.hp, can ken?

that’s what I was wondering - can Ken combo s.hp?
and I think I am confused a little here - if I hit my opponent early with a UOH, he can recover before I land, especially if he is standing. Is my terminology wrong here?

yeah it is.

u gotta time it early so that the last frames of the UOH hit it. its like the frames before he retracts his arm. also you gotta confirm if they are crouching or not. im pretty sure if they’re standing nothing will link unless they’re VERY far.

in practice mode, c.lk c.mp, puts them in perfect distance for UOH->super link. i dont think anyone will stand at that range though.

i know for sure though with chun li, you can walk up and UOH (from very far, it hits very late) and then link SA2 on a crouching shoto, most likely yun and others other than alex hugo dudley. but you can UOH into SA2 with chun on alex dudley and hugo on wakeup.

and i also know for a fact that you can make the UOH hit late very close (hence ryu connecting close s.hp) and still combo stuff like shin srk and s.hp. if i were you i would get the frame data and find moves that are less than 4 frames…so that they link after the late hitting UOH.

im pretty sure that this site is accurate.


Wow that site is great!

I wonder what properties allow Ryu to get a s.hp off of a UOH that ken doesn’t have? Have a lot of reading to do…

Well I don’t know about s.HP, but here are some combos that might work for you.

In the corner: get a knockdown from a special move, or neutral throw(only neutral), and time the UOH meaty so that it hits them as they recover, and jab dp -> jab dp. This stuffs a reversal attempt, and catches them if they cannot react or see it coming.

Mid-screen: neutral throw, walk up UOH xx super. Same concept as above. If they are really bad, and don’t tech roll after the throw, you can UOH x strong dp xx super.

If you abuse it, it’s easy to see coming and a high parried point-blank UOH leads to prime punishment. Meaty UOH is really good, especially in the corner. Knowing the opponent’s quick recovery frames is key to getting the time down. Since you got that frame data site, that should be your sf bible for learning this type of stuff.

In a combo video, I saw someone (Mopreme?) combo the target chain after a meaty UOH, but I can’t get it to work. However, I can say that meaty close UOH -> jab srk -> kara jab srk works midscreen on Ken.

you can cr.lkcr.lpcr.lk and then uoh on some people for late hits,this works on about everyone when doing it with akuma.

What are some other UOH setups? Moves that put you at a perfect position to land a UOH that, if it did land, another move could follow.

close c.jab or c.short, then c.strong -> UOH. This works whether the jab, short or strong are blocked/hits.