UOH -> SA2 - who does it work on?

UOH ->SA2 works on everyone as far as I can tell if it hits late and they are crouching. But vs some, it appears you can hit them high and even early and still connect with the super. Does anyone know the properties of this link vs various characters?

It should work on everyone. UOH gives you anywhere from 0 to +9 advantage. UOH has a lot of active frames, so you have to using UOH in a way that the overhead only connects during the later frames. You can either do an early or meaty (same thing) UOH on your opponent’s wake up, or you space it so it connects late (like max distance).

As for character specific advice, if you want to use a meaty UOH, you have to time it according do each character’s wake up speed. For a max distance UOH, you have to take into account that some characters (Makoto and Chun come to mind) are wider than others.

I hope that helps.

Certain moves are good to do it after, just don’t be predictable.
Right after a throw in the corner.
SA2 > mk Rhino Horn (to close the gap), then immediately do UOH > SA2 again. Works on Ken, and others, give me a bit to remember the others.