UOH setups

Is it me or his UOH sucks balls ??

UOH stands for Universal OverHead and is done by pressing MP+MK -but if you needed to know this, I’m afraid you won’t be any help xD

My questions are; which ways are good AND safe to use his UOH ??

If I’m too close, I’ll get thrown at landing. If I’m far enough to hit and be safe at the same time, I won’t link or combo shit.

If you got some serious setups, corner or mid screen, I’ll beg for them. My usual overhead is HP, rather far so the first hit will whif, but it’s pretty slow to come out.

I’m not talking about UOH during the Tengu Stones SA because those were easier for me to figure out already :slight_smile:

Thanks for your future answers :slight_smile:

Kara UOH is your best friend. It moves you closer to the opponent and is pretty safe. Kara it with MK.

UOH is a great move it keeps you in close to the opponent and depending on how far you done it you get free parries.

Basically what I am saying is pressure and parry setups to chicken combo.

EX: UOH from max distance ryu parries it and he does low forward you tap down, it parries and you get free whatever you want.

UOH is my #1 move with Oro, I think about 20% of the moves I use with the intention of doing damage are UOHs. Off the top of my head, here are a few of the situations I use it in.

Use UOH in poke strings after a standing short, mixing it up with cr.mk, cr.rh or st.rh.

Backdash every time UOH is blocked. If it connects you can either backdash to be safe or poke string. Good follow ups after the backdash are st.forward against shotos, st.rh against some larger characters, or immediately dash forward again and throw. Also watch what your opponent does in reaction to blocked UOHs, there are a select few players who like throwing out pokes after a blocked UOH and they all have a hard time breaking that habit, you can probably catch them with a parry 2-3 times in a row.

Wiffed UOH is a good way to bait parries, people often throw pokes out on reaction if a UOH wiffes right in front of them. However, be aware of walk up throws as this is another common reaction.

As Spectre7 already mentioned, abuse the shit out of kara-UOH, nobody is going to expect a high attack from that distance (it’s fucking far) and it will go right over Chun and Shoto’s cr.forward.

Finally, be random, doing a UOH while being pressured in the corner is a good way to catch your opponent off guard, but while stupid shit like that can win you the match, it can just as easily get you the loss, so try to sprinkle a bit of thought into your randomness.

Ok, so I guess I have to use UOH more in mix up than hard pressure (cause maybe I’m not good on counterthrow :confused: ).

sergio, when you say blocked you don’t mean parry do you ?

Well if you have the chance to backdash after you’ve been parried than by all means go for it, but having your UOH parried will usually just get you supered.