Uoh--->standing fierce

uoh—>standing fierce, others

Hey everyone. I was just messing around with uoh–>sa1, and I found out something interesting.
Some of you know this, I’m sure, but Dudley’s uoh can link into his standing fierce, which I think is pretty cool. So you can actually do: uoh–>s.fpxxsa1.Also, you can do uoh–> cr.fp or uoh–>cr.short. uoh–>cr.fp is the easiest for me to do, so I guess it’s good for some mix up if you don’t have any meter (uoh–>sa1 or 3 would be ideal). Just some thoughts…

If you want to do it, it’s all about distancing. Try to do the uoh almost as far as possible to link it. I did it on a crouching (I think this is essential) Ryu.

Hope this is of benefit to anyone. :clap:

i don’t think Rocket Uppercut (SA1) will connect after a UOH -> s. fierce link because the fierce will push the opponent too far back.

on some characters, you can do UOH -> s. roundhouse -> EX MGB -> whatever or just UOH -> s. roundhouse -> Duck xx Super.

i personally find doing UOH -> c. short or UOH -> c. strong -> Duck xx Super more difficult to do than just UOH -> Super.


I was meaning to note that…

Hey Kal,
When you press towards+fp, Dudley scoots up a bit when he punches. If you don’t press towards, he is stationary for the most part. You are right, if you do hold foward while connecting the s.fp, it won’t connect…but when you buffer the s.fp, don’t hit forward…hit it right after you buffered the first qrc (that’s how I do it). I tested this yesterday, and it’s the only way to connect, I’m pretty sure. :karate:

Yea, all the links are pretty hard afer the UOH…but I guess if you know the spacing/timing well enough…it could be of benefit. I think adding another 18 or so damage (the s.fp) to sa1 is a nice thing after the UOH. But yea, the timing is very difficult. Something to practice…haha

Sorry for my ignorance, but what is Dudleys UOH?

UOH = Universal OverHead, everyone has one and its all mp+mk let your stick in neutral, or it wont come out

distance yourself properly to super after it, I thought the distance was like a c.hk, f+hp, then stand still, if im correct thats the ‘correct’ distance, they need to duck though if im correct…

i’ve never heard of your method, DooM, but i’ll give that a try. the one i use most often to get into UOH -> super distance is either 2 c. shorts or c. short, c. forward chain. btw, if you’re at the proper distance, UOH -> super will work on a standing or crouching character.