uoh video

Uoh Video Wooooo

so last night i was messing around and i thought hey why not do a uoh video so i recorded all this stuff and today while editing pinnacle kept crashing on me so i couldn’t finish it how i wanted but after doing all that work i still wanted to put something out for my effort so i just put all the clips together and put a song on there

so here we have my vid uoh vid

btw im more then sure i missed some maybe even alot if you want post it up and maybe i’ll do a part to with actual editing

one more thing please right click save as so you dont’ kill the bandwidth the vid is only 38 mb i’m sure you got the space

good job, True.

i really liked how you used Pink Dudley :lol:.

you were doing UOH -> c. short or s. short into whatever with the other characters, so i was wondering why you didn’t do c. strong x duck xx super with Pink Dudley. i mean, what’s up with that?

good stuff though. maybe for a v.2 you can include more meaty UOH combos. Mopreme had some of those before.


i didn’t know i could do that i was just going off the top the only combos i discussed was the ibuk and oro ones with jinrai and gregsnk

  1. UOH -> c. strong - cancel c. strong into duck xx super or into EX Jet Uppercut if done meaty.

  2. UOH -> s. roundhouse - vs. Q and Hugo. cancel s. roundhouse into duck xx super or EX MGB.

you can add those 2 to your vid if you’re gonna update it.


Isn’t Pharoah Monch a little hard for a UOH video? Lol.

its m.o.p and nope just cause everyone else uses random j pop doesn’t mean you can’t keep it rill :karate: :tup:

Nice vid but… Where’s the hit sounds?

Just a little nitpick really, but i don’t understand why people don’t have the hitsounds in a vid. I know it’s probably because you forgot to turn off the in-game music before you recorded, but it’s worth that little bit of effort IMO. :smiley:

hitsounds = :tup:

its because xbox is gay and it doesn’t have the same options as ps2 i found this out yesterday i can’t turn off the music like on ps2 so i had to competely mute all that sound when i added the song

Nice vid True, UOH compilation could be awesome to send to combovids. Just edit and add some more combos esp. meatys and char specifics, you’ll probly need to ask around some of the best with each character. I have some sick Yun&Yang shit you could add if your planning to do this.

ahh. didn’t know that. :frowning:

yea i’m gonna do a part 2 with some more stuff especially cause i left out urien on this one cause i suck at the uoh,ex aegis,jab strong walk up shit and i didn’t just want to put in uoh sa1 so everyone list your stuff and remember to mention if its crouching or standing character if it has to be meaty

nice vid the music is a little too loud tho

cool shit man. I knew that was M.O.P. lol nice track though. Good vid, I liek seeing UOH to combo. The Oro ones were espcially good. I espcially like the invisible Twelve. But no Urien? WTF is wrong with you?!And here’s some UOH combos that could make their way into it

UOH, link crouching MP, SA1/SA2

UOH, link a crouching LKx2/link a crouching LK, XNDL/A.X.E. (LP)

With Q, you can do a deep meaty uoh into close standing forward, and from there you cancel into all of his stuff. Pretty useful, actually.

pointblank range vs cr.Oro(aka Rape)
UOH, close strong, short,EX Mantis
UOH, cr.strong, SAII
UOH, cr.jab*3, EX Mantis
UOH, cr.strong, cr.strong, st.short,jab lunge(or SAII)
UOH, chainxGJ, st.fierce, cr.forward, fierce lunge, (jab, fierce, cr.forward, fierce lunge)*3
GJ activated, UOH, close foward dash under palm into corner

a lot of these also work as close meatys against crouching characters…I’ll make a check later.

in corner vs Urine, Gill, wrestlers, Dud
activate Seiei-Enbu, point blank UOH, cr.forward, Palm sj forwardxdivekick(roshikari did this in ranbat vs pierre)
vs Everyone Else
Seiei-Enbu, UOH, short, mantis slashes…
yea theres a lot so just take your pick

Nice movie.

Ah right, always get ‘em mixed up because of that collab’ they did.
They both have really distinctive voices so I figured it was one of them.

Too much rap/rock/k-pop/j-pop in videos though.
Be nice to see some jazz, or funk, or some shit for once.
The Man of Gold video had a classy track on it.

Yeah. I’m sick of heavy metal in videos. I could use some more hip-hop. Or I’d just have to re-edit them and redistribute my copy (which I think would be illegal…but oh well)

dope over 300 views everyone tell your friends

i heard true stole the vid from someone else?