[UOP] KOF 2001 & Samurai Showdown 5 Tournament (05/19/2007)

(1) KOF 2001
(2) Samurai Showdown 5

Emulator: MAME32K 0.64

Date: Saturday April 19th

Time: 9:00pm Eastern Standard Time

Format: 1 warmup match, 2/3 LIVE match

Server: Anti-3D, Godweapon Server 1, Godweapon Server 2

Supported by:
[UOP] Admin

List me all the “tournaments” you’ve created that went well.

well, everything is getting moved around,
also, We are all ways trying to stay away from God’s
weapon servers, also, we get more people outside of the US
to play. Reasons, well they play alot more, don’t say anything wrong,
plus they use the latest updated Emulators and games as well,
I used to be able to set up and get alot of US players, but now, it’s
mostly people out side the US and servers not in the US.
The only reason why I do post anything on here, once in a while,
I and also others do get in the God’s servers and actually play there,
but now there servers are horrible than ever before. :arazz: