Up-date from Mad Catz on TE sticks in UK and Europe

Hey everyone. I recently emailed the UK branch of Mad Catz to ask them about the state of UK stock and here is the result. I am putting my email in as well so you know the context of their answers.


I know you will be getting a huge amount of emails concerning theTournement SF4 sticks. I hope my query is a little more easy to answerthan some of ones you must be getting. I have already seen that the next batch will be going out later thismonth with any luck. What I am curious to know is if any of this batchwill be put aside to fufill orders in the UK? From what I can tell mostif not all of the batch that went out in the last week or so went to theUS. Can you give me any idea of when Europe’s preorders will addressed? Thankyou for your time


Hello, We are bringing more stock into the UK to replenish retailers as quicklyas we can. We expect stock to flow much more freely throughout retailfrom May & beyond. Kind Regards,Mad Catz Europe Ltd

Personally I find this very depressing but I suppose it is good to know how long we have to wait. I would get a custom stick ordered but since I dont now anyone within the UK who makes them it would probably end up costing me more than the TE when I take shipping into account.

Hope this helps guys


I think May is the target date for everywhere pretty much. They have to set a far off date because being early is better than being late!

Personally, I’m still at odds on how long it will be until stores have a few extras.

Actually the impression I got was that the US and such would getting stock slowly but surely from now on but Europe would not be getting stock until May. Which just makes me sadder lol.

haha what a joke…

I didnt even have to Pre-Order my stick and i still got one, i just checked the website about a week before release and it said available, so i got it right away…

Anyone who pre-ordered and still waiting for theres in the UK has been ripped off by my example alone

I know this is what kinda makes me angry. No disrespect to you James because it certainly wasn’t your fault you got lucky or your intention to screw the whole of Europe over lol, but it does seem kinda wrong that people are walking into stores in the US and finding one one the shelf or getting there late preorders this early.

Yeh, this ties in with the info i got from onestoppcshop.com… May… bloody May!

Our American cousins seem to be getting their orders through as of late, it really lets you know how little Mad Catz value their European customers.

To say that this whole scenerio is a complete fiasco would be an understatement. Its now been 2 weeks since i played SF due to this very reason.

You can’t help but feel that had this licence gone to someone who isnt mickey mouse like MC (ie Logi, Hori or anyone with a half decent track record) we wouldn’t be in this mess.

All in all i’d have to place the blame at Capcoms door, their the ones who gave the licence to these cowboys!

As time goes on the value of the sticks are actually increasing due to their rarity, you’d be hard pushed to find a TE stick under 350-400 now ($600-$800), even the pads are starting the see the best part of 100… you thought you had it bad, come to europe and get raped!

Maybe we shud keep this thread updated should any of us find any kind of SF4 stock,then all the info is in one place. Im sick of spending a good hour a day trolling the sites.

If i saw any stock id rather it go to REAL fight fans who actually WANT the stuff rather than the money grabbing fleabay patrol.

Everytime i whiff a SRK Jesus cries. Being the scrubbiest Ken to scrub the face of this earth, thats like 90% of my game plan :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

Thats a great idea. If we treat this as the ‘Europen TE Stock updates’ thread we can keep it all in one place rather than sifting through the normal TE/SE threads and getting depressed at how many of our US cousins are getting theirs so early lol.

So if anyone within the UK or Europe gets their stick through from a UK source or even has any updated info on dates etc please post it here.