Up Kicks Target Combo - Can Be Combo'ED With other Attacks other than Ultra/Super?


I wanna Ask if its Possible to Juggle after the “tenshokyaku” The 3 Kicks combo that Launches the Enemy Upwards?

I Tried :
?Head stomp
?Kikouken/EX Kikouken
?Hazan Shu/EX Hazan Shu
?Spinning Bird KICK (Not EX Version)
?Target Combo
?Rear Flip Kick

It Only Works with EX SBK, Super and Ultra.
i dunno why But at least we could Head stomp into it. I’m not Ranting. And i know someone would tell me that Im stupid, whiner for posting Threads that already Existed. But we all know that I dont Give a Sh^T

Yo Amro, check ya boy. He’s giving the Philippines a bad name.


The juggle system hasn’t changed much is Super. All rules apply.

Up-kicks is pretty crappy in the first place. Not too good as a poke and too unsafe in general. It’s pretty crappy. Definitely can style with the combo (FADC after 2nd hit, dash under twice and insta-stomp going the opposite direction), but it ain’t worth it.

target combo got HARDER to hit-confirm. wtf? :frowning:

Anyway, you can do a micro walk and ex sbk anywhere on the screen. If you do the upkicks late so that you hit with less … you can juggle with 1 or 2 hits of dash ex legs … the less hits of upkicks, the more hits of ex legs. If you manage to hit 2 strikes of ex legs, you should have enough charge to follow up with ex sbk. All of these combos are pretty wasteful and hard, though. Except the micro-walk (the Ricky Tram?) to ex sbk could be worth it.

You don’t seem to know what moves can actually juggle. I’m pretty damn sure any kikoken doesn’t hit in a juggle. Tensho kyaku isn’t even used that often since it does so little damage. I only use it when I don’t have much meter or if I just wanna do it. I just don’t see it as a very effective combo.