Up on fightstick vs 360 has died


I’ve tried a different cable between the j and the pcb, and a different jlf.

Does this use the same pcb as any of the other fightstick pcbs? Everything but up works… could there be something else that would be fixable?


Time to bust out the multimeter.


I probably do need to level up my electrics abilities.


swap with a ps360+ pcb?


PCB replacement should be the last resort measure.
Any ways the PS360+ does have it flaws, like sometimes failing to register what console it is plugged into.

The main PCB in the VS stick is the same PCB that used in the newer Mad Catz TE-S and PRO arcade sticks.

Can we get photos of inside of your arcade stick, especially the main PCB.

Also stupid question, is the LS-DP-RS selector switch somehow stuck in between settings?


The irony I guess is that I had been planning on replacing these pcbs with ps360+ eventually.

DS: I did try that switch first, which I should have mentioned. I will take a picture sometime soon.


Try soldering the signal from the jlf directly to the pcb. I’ve had those grey madcatz pcb cables fail on me in the past.


Never solder directly to a JLF pin connector, always make your electrical connections to be able to be taken apart if necessary.
Plus soldering directly looks ghetto.

or just get the proper joystick wire harness, you can splice in a Sanwa JLF-H or a Seimitsu HP-5 joystick wire harness
on godlikecontrols.com toodles sells a the replacement JLF-TE Cable for Mad Catz sticks


EVERYTHING he said. Seriously though. I would only solder directly from jlf pins to pcb if I HAD to get my game on and had no spare parts available.


i did that last week lol
but because i’m on finals week and have no time for proper fix (yeah, i do have time to play street fighter however…)
i’ll make it better during the summer :3


Good stuff!


I did use a different wiring harness and connector from a working madcatz stick and jlf, but the problem persisted.

I haven’t been able to get back at the stick yet for pcb pics though… I’ve been sick the past day or so.