Upcoming DLC characters?


So yeah, some place some where someone said “WE’LL ADD MORE CHARACTERS IF MORE PEOPLE LIKE IT! LOLOLOL”

Well, Pee 4 You is like #1 in Japan for a long time now, and nothing ever beats Gundam, so that’s crazy.

Thing is, I ran into this.




This true?!


Those are in fact two characters


WTH! They can’t do that to a canon story! ._. They better not.


Only one of those characters is technically canon, and he’s dead. Also Elizabeth has his persona


Would be cool if Vincent was in it since Catherine is in the Personaverse.
Just saying, would be neat to wallbounce with a pillow.


Those look like fan art for sure. It’s a dream.

The amount of characters in P4U feels good TBH.


after all the events on P4 i always felt that now they can revive him

that doesnt mean that they would not expand the cast, they already said that they want to create a fighting game franchise


In that case, I hope they take their sweet ass time. I don’t want to see this roster expand another four to ten characters within a year.


you can get the idea on how much its going to grown based on previous games of ASW, 1 to 2, maybe 3 (being optimistic here) per revision


It’s DLC…that means they wouldn’t have any part in the actual Story Mode, and I doubt the Arcade Endings are canon.


I’ll believe it when ASW announces it.


If this is real, then well shit, ATLUS you can take my life savings.


All I have to say about that if it turns out to actually be true is this…



That picture is fan-made. Some parts of it are very low quality and I doubt that Atlus would release a picture like that.


Isn’t thanatos a regular persona? I thought Messiah was his persona. Also from what I’ve heard minato makes an appearance in one of the endings in story mode.


Yeah, Messiah is his ultimate persona


On a side note if you take a gander at the source code of the official JP site, they have a spot for a character with the title “Leading Role”.


i never played persona 3 but having that dog in this game would be pretty sweat


They should have DLC maid outfits for all the female characters in this game.


Only if Naoto’s is a butler instead.


Battle Panties From P3FES, anyone?