Upcoming Event : Tourneys @ Ground Kontrol (PDX)

Details haven’t been finalized yet, but here’s what I have so far:

When? : June 22nd (Sunday)
What?: Tourneys for SFA3, SF2HF, MvC2 (Maybe), WWF Wrestlefest (Maybe), MK2 (Maybe)
Where?: http://groundkontrol.com in Downtown Portland.
Cost?: Not sure yet.
Why? : Because Ground Kontrol wants to do tourneys.

Tourneys should be standard Double Elimination and should have a low cost entry fee.

Ted DiBiase FTMFW! (WWF Wrestlefest).

EDIT: I forgot to mention that we can also run console tourneys here too. Can you say… Turd Strike??? Ummm, I meant Street Fighter 3: Third Strike.

EDIT 2: I sent em an email on what I (and probably most in the community) would like to see being run.

darn im working on the 22nd, i can do on the weekend and tekken on console…??? hmmm

I’ll come and play A3 even though I suck at it! But yeah fo sho.

hmmm…pretty cool. Maybe I’ll go…haven’t been to ground control before, heard about it though.

so wait are we gonna get drunk too? Or is that personal preference? Drunk R.Mika Power!!!

No love for KoF '98?

I’d like to come just support a local tourney, but they picked a bad week. June 21st is SBO.

Everything here is tentative until they finalize it. Other notes:

1: Tourneys will be between 11am-7pm to accomodate everyone under 21 (Including SamY!).

2: All game listed above are games they actually have cabinets for. Other games such as KOF 98 are welcome but we need more than 1 player in order to run a tourney. We could have had 1000+ people show up for the KOF 98 tourney had it been on the weekend of May 3rd-5th as Cinco De Mayo was going on. That would have been Portland’s most successful tourney ever! Maybe next year, Mark! =)

3: Point #2 is a joke, btw. Ground Kontrol is open for console tourneys.

This guy thinks hes a comedian.

they have a kof 98 cab or did… But it’s old school layout that rips your fingers apart. Even with the joke it’s important to know. Gotta tell anthony where to find his community!

is this still going down next weekend?

edit: also a friend said there was some guy from California owning everyone at Hyper Fighting today :confused:

Hm. Stickied this one since it’s the next Oregon tourney. Lemme know if this isn’t happening and I’ll sticky the other.

This isn’t happening. The date has been set to July 20th but even that isn’t fully confirmed.

you guys should run it during a week day…some of us work during the weekends.

and I’m sure most of you work during the week…