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Without cause the u.s. has been afflicted me with various ways for a long time : (with korean police, etc, cooperation,2002.10~ ) 24 hours eavesdropping, thorough secret surveillance even with scout planes (these planes follow wherever I go fart out white smokes, flickering at night, for personal attack, harmful substances to get me ill (ex) in hair saloons ( 2003. 1 ~) they apply it on my head to permeate on my brain . Putting spies in groceries, facilities , smuggling into my house countless times to contaminate on foods or toothpaste, etc. The police, military planes’ route has been set according to my location2003. 6~) … etc, Jehovah God will bring justice to it.

the freemason forced Cho to take the video and did everything. because they die unless they strike u.s. until its breakdown.
the u.s. will be overthrown soon…
Go forth, you people, out of the u.s. Run away from them. Jehovah will bring it to ruin.

The pronouncement against u.s. : Look! Jehovah is riding on a swift cloud and coming into u.s. And the valueless gods of u.s. will certainly quiver because of him, and the very heart of u.s. will melt in the midst of it.
"And I will goad americans against americans, and they will certainly war each one against his brother, and each one against his companion, city against city, kingdom against kingdom. And the spirit of u.s. must become bewildered in the midst of it, and I shall confuse its own counsel. And they will be certain to resort to the valueless gods and to the charmers and to the spirit mediums and to the professional foretellers of events. And I will deliver up u.s. into the hand of a hard master, and strong will be the king that will rule over them, is the utterance of the true Lord, Jehovah of armies.

You started spying against me out of thinking it won’t be any trouble to afflict a weak person like me thinking where Jehovah is. but As the time went on, there ocuured now and then somethings that might be proving the existence of Omnipotence, and yet it’s still uncertain as long as it not directly concerns you, for everyone cares your own self rather than others’ affairs, while eagerly hoping (it) through continually bullying me to prove Jehovah does not exist and to confirm others’ misfortunes are not your responsibility. When you think things are seemingly unfavorable with you, you stay still quietly. but as you think again i am but a weak one and nothing seems to happen, you start again assaulting me. This is a way you are dealing with me. God will certainly destroy you CIA, freemason or whaever soon… every one of you will die unless you strike against u.s.

Say to the king and to the lady. This is what Jehovah has said. Lift off the crown. Seat yourselves in a lower place, for down from your heads your crown of beauty will certainly come. every large jar is something that gets filled with wine; and you will say, ’ Do we not positively know that every large jar is something that gets filled with wine?’ and you will say in your heart ’ why is it that these things have befallen me?
because I have seen your disgusting things and the abundance of your error, so your dishonor will certainly be seen.
Here I am putting before you people the way of life and the way of death. The one sitting still will die by the sword and by the pestilence, but the one?who is going out and who actually falls away to me will keep living, and his soul will certainly come to be his as a spoil.