Upcoming Fighting Games 2009-2010

Well i just had to ask. does anyone know of any good fighting games coming out between now and 2010? And if you will exclude the ones that have already come out and exclude the more obvious titles Tekken and Samurai Showdown and whatnot. im really looking for something else besides the MAJOR series. Thanks in advance…

nope other than a new dbz game coming out

Wasn’t there a a new Power Instinct upcoming?

And there’s Chaos Code, but I have no idea when that’s being released.

And what happened to that Sega(?) fighting game with the robots? Cerebus-something.

VF5R hopefully lol kiddin. Tekken and i gues dbz lol.

Almost makes me miss the good old days when you’d be at the very least, guaranteed of a new KoF game before the year was out.

If we’re lucky though, something’ll be announced at TGS or JAMMA, both of which are in a couple of weeks.

Power instinct is already out. I dunno about the other two tho.

Official site for Project Cerebus.

Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution 3?

Yeah, I got nothing.

Project Cerberus
Chaos Code
Arcana Heart 3

There are even more… well, you know, just look at the SRK threads.

Fuck the next 2 years if it doesnt include

these select games

Garou 2
Hokuto No Ken 2 with Jyuza and Kaioh assist.
Super DBZ 2
Darkstalkers 4- Gimme a homage to Christopher Walken’s character from The Prophecy and Capcom-inize me captain. It’d make your brain nut.

Otherwise…they can fuck off.

BlazBlue is getting a “new” (updated) version when it is being released in Europe. New chars, new moves for characters, new music, etc.


whats this new dbz game people are talking about?

i hope they make bloody roar 5 in the style of 2 n more characters 4 was crap

I hope they re - do sf4 with parrying, and take out ultras, and put in supers. Just like 3S. If they don’t do that, then never buying back sf4. lol.

If you want to play SFIII, then just play SFIII.

could the cast look more generic

This :rofl:

Dragon Ball: Raging Blast - GC 09 Extended Trailer

Now with SSJ3 Broly…No I’m being serious.

what the hell? EU getting something that the US doesn’t get 6 months before? This is blasphemy!