Upcoming Get-Togethers

Okay now that it’s summer and ppl have more time off then i though more get togethers would occur for evo practice. Everyone post up if your planning a get together so enough ppl wiil now and attend. I might throw a BBQ get together and set-up a few tvs outside my house so we can play and eat some Fajitas. Looking for a date to do this so any suggestions on best day im all ears. Oh and it’ll be 5 bux to get some grub on which will be more than worth it and is just to pay for meat and remaining cash will be given out like maybe a tournament will take place winner take all and it might be marvel since it’s the only game ppl play nowadays.

this actually sounds like a good idea…i may vouch to host a few getogethers mysefl in the near future in preparation for Evo…

Aw shiiiiet. Fajitas. Us messicans know how to make fajitas too. You are messican right? Anyways ya I’m down with the whole get-together thing. I work from home now so it’d be alot easier to take off and just do whatever. I can actually host aswell. I have my own lil “bachlor pad” thingie going on. Daniel knows what I’m talkin about. But that’s if anyones willin to drive to the Nawfside. But ya… jus let me know and I’ll provide anything I can.

Sounds like a good plan. I live like 10 minutes away, so any day is good with me. Btw, fajita is pronounced as va-jy-tah!

dam rights :tup:

I’m up for anything if you don’t mind a scrub attending, I’m pretty sure people from killeen/cove would like to go too.

MvC2 only please! K Tks!

On the real though, people don’t play anything else.

likewise…no one else plays anything else…

Fuck yeah!!
Shit sounds tight… Make sure there is some CvS2 and 3rd Strike & maybe some Turbo, Alpha 3, cuz playing MvC2 for fucking ever get’s boring now
if there is nothing but MvC2 going on Count me out.

Is there going to be and Update on this Thread?
A possible date?

PM me if your planning on comming. We’ll invite you to a beastogether

Being that this topic makes no mention of being just for Houston, I’m gonna assume that it’s for the whole Southwest and say that us #R players in Austin get down just about every weekend :tup:


i try to do something at my place every sunday…it’s limited to 10-15 people…so pm me or call if u have my number and let me know you’re coming. or talk to me at stargate.

CvS2 <----starting to play again.
marvel <—im learning

btw kakarotte i live up north too.

Tight… where at? All I play is Marvel though.

I can play at my pad too if anyone’s willing to drive up here. Any day is good really but you gotta bring ur own stick cuz I only have one. I can have up to about 10-15 ppl at my place. Anyone post up on plans and whatnot.


yeah Im down for get-togethers too… I can bring Coke and/ or other drinks and a tv if needed. Fajitas sound good right about now. ( sorry no beer )btw… I will only attend if mvc2 and 3s are set up :clap:

Alright since plenty of guys are into the idea im trowing it this saturday. If ppl can’t make it this saturday then it will happen saturday June 18. All those coming post up and all those who wanna catch some grub then let me know so i can know how much food to buy . As of now i have 2 tvs 1 dc 1 ps2. If anyone can bring tv’s or systems that would b great. One thing you shouldn’t forget is your sticks. I have cvs2 marvel for dc and tekken 5 for ps2 so bring games like 3s #reload.

i’d be down for a get-together at my place… but people gotta bring extra tvs and stuff :bgrin:

Sounds good. Where excactly do you stay? If I’m invited of course, I can bring a Creamcast/gheystation2 and I got a stick. A huge one… right Joe? :xeye: Neways, Ne one else down should post up. The earlier everything is set up, the better.

Joe: Ya Daniel came over once to chill cuz we had to wait on Sg to open and it wasn’t gonna be for a couple of hrs. It was mostly just me playing Halo2 online while he blew me… er I mean while he talked on the phone with his girl. ehem

Should make logan bring u down here saturday. I live off of 45 south around gulfgate. From downtown area you come down 45 south exit woodridge and make a left at the light, continue straight until the street splits and take the left lane split. Right after the split you make a right on keller st. (on the right there’s a library) and the 1st house on the left is mine. All are invited just post up so i can know who all is coming and who is all planning on pitching in for food. 7138 Keller is the adress.

You should just post your address so ppl can just mapquest it or whatever. I can pitch in for food. Also I was wondering, anyone down to play alil no holdem? I’ve been wanting to play lately, so anyone let me know. I got chips, cards, and mula.