Upcoming Marvel vs Capcom 3, if coding is right?


Link is to some random mugen forum, that’s all. Care to explain? Or is this just a “mugen is great!” thread?

There should be an mugen thread here somewhere. And i for one dont speak portugese

Mugenesis of Heroes. What a fruity name. :rofl:

mugen or not them sandman supers looked cool as hell
same with spidey super where he captured then went black outfit

As somewhat okay as this looks in comparison to other mugen fighters… it still sucks. Sprites are nice, but I swear I have seen most of the good ones before, namely the black spiderman and sandman stuff.

edit: oh the post is old, I may have seen these but they may have been made for the game. If so nice sprite work.

Black Spidey/ Sandman/ Thor all had some kickass supers. Excellent spritework!!!:tup:

Good thing I’m here then.

It’s an old post (July 2005).

The thread starter says he’s working on a Mugen version of MvC3, he says something about grouping characters in teams of 3 (like the way teams are grouped in the KOF games), he doesn’t say exactly who or how many characters are going to be in it but apparently the idea is to have all the characters from MvC2 plus some extra ones.

There’s suggestions from several people about which characters should be included, gameplay features to be implemented, etc, but I just don’t feel like reading through 150+ pages.

Judging by the latter posts, they have all the characters & stages, now they just need whoever is responsible for the project to work on the game engine and put everything together.

why do all mugen vids have like 15fps framerate?

EDIT: The Thing looked nice

I downloaded and played with some of their releases,it’s decent,but it needs some srk tweaking from marvel players

That shit looked like hot garbage. The Thing’s sprite was dope, though.

Some of those sprites were badass. Iron Man’s hulkbuster outfit was nice, as was Spidey’s black outfit.

Green Goblin looked god-awful.

His super doesn’t even combo.

MvC3? There wasn’t one air combo or tri-jump in the whole damn thing

That too

Cutman’s “Humpin a Giant Scissor” super looked weird!!

Shut up :slight_smile: thanks

Ingrids, Sandman, Black Spidey and Thors supers were the best.

Some of that shit was lame though, like ghostrider.

I can’t stand for this bunk.

(goddamn if Sandman didn’t have some neat work done to him though)

that ghostrider was corny as hell…actually all of it was wack.

-with the exception of black spidey…

^^^And don’t forget bout hulked up ironman that was pretty cool.