Upcoming Microsoft Update May Disable Unlicensed Controllers?


Seems the latest Microsoft spring update may block some unlicensed game controllers. Apparently some guys have gotten a hold of the update and have already begun disassembling portions of the code. From Eurasia:

“Microsoft has released another kernel update 2.0.15572.0 officially featuring: ‘Avatar store added to social on the dashboard. Updates to the avatar store. Adds ‘Manage Exercise Info’ to players Profile. Sky is removed from the dashboard (now only accessible through the apps menu). Improvements and preparation for future Xbox live Enhancements. Disables support for unlicensed 3rd-party wireless controllers (e.g. Datel Wildfire Evo).’ I have updated the Xbox360 Kernel wiki as usual. You can expect a shitload of new RGH installers to be released soon. Let the fun begin (all over again)…”

Finally investing in a stick, personal opinions/experiences?

I’d be surprised if this becomes a problem for modding considering how accurately MS 360 security has been reverse engineered and copied.

Guess we’ll find out when it’s released.


Has it been? I was under the assumption that we were still stuck swiping security chips from official controllers.


gahrling is right, while the protocol is not quite publicly known, many manufacturers have reversed quite a bit of it, more than enough to make fully functional controllers. Since the code is obviously not public however, we have no way of knowing just how much was implemented and/or what shortcuts were taken.

Figured i would just put this up as a fair warning though. We will know just how far M$ has gone to prevent the use of unlicensed controllers soon enough.


Paewang would disagree.


If they go far enough to take out all the paewang, ps360, and qanba sticks, there’s going to be a lot of upset people.


Doesn’t is say “wireless” controllers? Plus “Disabling Support for” could mean a number of things. To disable support for a controller without having all existing controllers be affected, wouldn’t they have to specifically target the Hardware ID’s of known unlicensed devices? They can’t just change the encryption method etc. on the fly, as it would affect other controllers. They would have to have open HWID acceptance and have a blacklist. If they did the opposite (i.e. block all unknown HWID’s ad have a whitelist of “accepted” devices) they would have to issue a system update for each new controller that is licensed.




Crap like this is why for most cross-platform titles, I buy the PS3 version (unless there is some HUGE reason not to).


There are no official wireless controllers that connects directly to the Xbox 360 Console.

Any “Wireless” licensed products does so though a dongle just like many 3rd parties on the PS3.


So then the only thing they’re disabling are the controllers that connect wireless-ly without a dongle?



My wireless 360 controller doesn’t use a dongle. That Datel one they specify doesn’t use a dongle either.

On that note:


According to that review the update has already occured.


Welp, if thats the case I wish we could get some quality products from them

This. If I read this correctly, they give the wildfire just as an example of a controller that has been disabled in the past.


There’s also the PS360+, Sunga, Qanba, and the recent batch of 360 adapters. All examples of companies manufacturing their own security chips and not using Microsoft’s.


It’s been partially rolled out I guess, won’t officially happen until next week. Looks like the reviewer was one of the people who was in that partial roll out.

"Once Synced to the console the EVO controller will immediately SHUTDOWN and will continue to shutdown if I attempt to turn it back on. This occurs whether I am using batteries or powering the controller via USB (PC or Console).

The only way the controller still stay on is if the console is unplugged, which isn’t a solution."

Looks like it allows the controller to sync up (so the security chip isn’t being blocked, even the black market ones that Datel uses), but then something in the reports it sends gives the stink of 3rd party and the system uses the “shut down controller” option you’d normally get when holding HOME, instead forcing it upon said controller… which is wireless only since that option doesn’t even come up when wired. That’s fucking dirty, but kind of a funny way to do it at the same time.

I have doubts they’ll be able to accurately block the black market security chips places like Datel are using without accidentally locking out at least some of their own produced controllers. I could be wrong, but we won’t know for sure until next week it seems.


Phew that was a relief.
I just received a stick created from scratch and nearly pissed myself reading the title


The Xbox 360 Tekken 6 stick is wireless without a dongle


I sure hope the Eightarc Sticks are not affected. i just recently bought 2 sticks for the sole purpose of having dual-mods. if they’re banned I will pretty much stop buying any games i can just as easily get on the PS3. right now the only game i would think about getting on the Xbox is halo 4.


What, Microsoft approved that? No wonder that stick isn’t worth anything I mean that is a shock