Upcoming PS4/PS3 te2 stick and PC

So I was planning on getting a ps4 ps3 madcatz te2 and I was wondering if there was anyway to use the stick on PC and if so what hoops would I have to jump through? Thanks!

Should work fine on pc in ps3 mode out of the box.

I can test this for u when i get home

Works perfect on my PC just as the TE1 and Fightstick Pro does.

Both of my TE2s are plug and play in ps3 mode. Haven’t tried PS4 mode.

Thank you guys so much! I couldn’t find an answer for this so thank you for answering my worries!

I know this thread is super old, but still relevant. The TE2 has a lot of input lag in PS3 mode (12.27 ms = ~1 frame). Best to just use PS4 mode.

Source: http://www.teyah.net/sticklag/results.html