Upcoming schedule


To give you guys the heads up -

SF TPB should be in stores 3/31.

Issue 7, will ship either last week of April or first week of May. This issue, you will see Alvin Lee & Long Vo taking on the pencils of the 2 different story line - Long is concentrating on the Cammy stuff, while Alvin will do the rest. Making this an extra large size issue is taking much longer than we originally thought… plus there is some unexpected turn of event that further complicates the schedule.

And because of this “event”, Issue 8 will probably ship in the beginning of June, and 9 beginning of July. You will not find #10 solicited for July but August instead. In July, we will be putting out our second Jo Chen Litho (Ken). Then August, we will resume with SF 10 and then onward.

What is this “thing” that holds up everything? While I cannot tell you at this moment, I can only say it is a job offer that we cannot refuse. This took us by suprise, but it will also take the SF team out for at least a month. Supposedly, if I do not care, I will get fill in artists to do an issue or two. But I do not want to do that, so we decide to resume after we get this done.

Oh yeah, when you guys find out what it is (possibly someone will announce something in the next few months…), you will know why we cannot turn this down…

OH… one more thing… we finally get all the paperwork signed for the SF Eternal Challenge English translation rights! Well, I have been hinting, but really do not want to say anything till it is a done deal!


I think we all prefer a delay over going Top Cow (ive seen issues of Witchblade and Darkness with 4 or even 5 different artists - from cartoony to photo-realistic).


I’m sure all of us trust your decisions… this better be good Erik!!
haha :smiley:


Excellent! Granted, the tips were a bit dead obvious. BTW, will we FINALLY be able to get official ages, heights, and weights for the SF3 characters? It’s technically not your call, but if a certain company could be persuaded…


an English SF Eternal Challenge book is a dream come true… :slight_smile:
thx to the crew @ Udon for this!


Do you mean a second holofoil cover?? I dont know what a Litho is.

I also wanted to ask, does Ken (the writer of the comic) like Ken (the character) a lot?? The reason I asked is becasue Ken was the 2nd foil cover and in issue 3, Ken not only kicked Zangiefs ass, but Vega’s as well.


as long as SF#7 is still coming out, then im okay with the delays. Hopefully capcom of japan will hear us USA fans out and bring over there SF Eternal Challenge book to the US. and a secret job offer huh? I wonder what it is? Interesting, very interesting:lol:


A lithograph from what I can tell is a picture with a description underneath, seems to be one for the artwork collector’s, the 1st one (Which I ordered for the unsigned version of:lol: ) is the Chun-Li #1 holofoil/virgin variant cover art so the 2nd one as stated is Ken (As I had assumed).

It seems like a really cool schedule I reall would love to see an English translation of Eternal Challenge I have the Japanese version but being able to read the text would be a real bonus:cool:


theres a space on my bedroom wall, waitting for a street fighter poster…


Lol mine too, that’s a point when is the Alvin Tsang #1 cover B poster coming? Also aren’t there some wall scrolls coming out?


I’m hoping the mystery project is X-Men vs. SF! Hey, I can dream!


Screw that, what if Capcom decided to work on the SF4 storyline with Udon for a comic released along side a game?

Ya I know the chances are like 1 in a billion


A Mystery Project?

i KNOW for a fact i’m wrong (just judging from the date of udon’s post) but…here i go anyway?

last night i picked up issue six at newbies and lo and behold…the new deadpool / cable crossover comic…with Udon right at the front:eek:

is THAT the mystery project?!
regardless, all i have to say about said comic is that you guys can even make Cable look cool (i have always hated cable as a comic character).
props to udon for kicking so much ass…


If you can read that Cable Deadpool thing in the public, then it won’t be a secret project, right?



I’m excited about this.

About Eternal Challenge, will you translate everything directly or will you be changing things to suit the US market?

Please, if it’s at all possible, note where changes have been made for the US versions (you can leave out the controversy about Poison, Zangief and Eagle if necessary, but AT LEAST have Ansatsuken mentioned) and don’t just ignore the original story completely. It would make our (that is, the Plot Canon Guide people) work so much easier not having yet ANOTHER seemingly official work with facts that contradict us.


I disagree completelly.

If you do it, you do it right, not by selecting what we may like it or not.

Eternal Challenge and All About Capcom are about information, not misinformation. Its the whole point: making the fans learn more about the true story of the games.

They should take the chance to make things right, not worse. Its already bad enough that they had to use Shotokan in the comic (i did Shotokan for a few years, and i didnt feel any “murderous intent”. Its kinda of ofensive to the people that practice it, actually - not Udons fault, though).

An actual translation would be perfect, but an “adaptation” (making Ansatsuken into Shotokan, Poison into a woman and so on) would suck soooo much.

All the long-time fans have is the Plot Cannon Guide. If this came along with the Capcom US bs, it would pretty much end up useless to us.

We would STILL have to go for the Cannon Guide. I mean, we already have the japanese version to look at the pictures… This one should be for the info.

I think, if they decide to go the “bad” way (using only the american version of the plot), they should at least explain the differences between the versions, like:

  1. A section for the name changes
  2. A section for the sex/story/dialogue changes (Poison, Cammy/ Bison, Ansatsu…)

Like, with detailed info, so the person can actually understand how it was originally and how it is after it was changed by americans.

A few extra pages would be enough.

udoneko, please let us know how this issue will be handled!


The book should be a straight translation on the information. We MIGHT have to adapt the names into the US names, which I am discussing with Capcom as to how we are handling it. It is ultimately up to Capcom, and not UDON, to decide what is what. Because this is not a creative license, but a translation license.

I will for sure let you know if I find out more info.


I think i speak for everybody when i say “thank you”.


“SF TPB should be in stores 3/31.”

What’s SF TPB? (sorry I’m not that up to date…)

Anyway, I’m really REALLY looking for the English SF Eternal Challenge book, hope you can do it without any problems.


Trade paper back. The collected version of the comic, with the first arc.