Upcoming Site Improvements

@Kasperlsager- I went ahead and removed the entire OP (copied and pasted it elsewhere until you can work your magic).
Please see if you can fix :slight_smile:

All fixed!

so when the thumbnails pictures get fixed? what is diferent from having an old pic at correct size vs uploading a new pic but being so small?


Removed all content. Please enable BB as well.

Hmmm… While I was able to fix the discussion, the comments don’t send the Format_Body field for some reason. I’ll see if there’s some way around it!

Maybe you need to enable BB code int he OP as well to have an affect on the 2nd post? Let me try to remove that content as well.


Still no effect on the comments frankly :stuck_out_tongue:

So I’m stuck in HTML forever? >_>

Yes! Awesome! You da man!
Sorry for your loss zUkUu. I know how much it sucks to be stuck in HTML mode.

Well I went ahead and edited one of the posts already in html. The other post I haven’t >_>


Nvm, changes are in new patch.

Thank you very much for the reply in regards to notation. This helps a lot!

When I edit the first post in the thread (to fix up the revised links to forum posts we’re now using), I’m taken to the latest page as soon as I finish editing. This is really strange, since I probably want to keep viewing the page I’m on to make sure that the edit was done correctly.

i wonder how hard the viewership numbers of this site have plummeted b/c of forum fail

There’s an average of 125K views each day - don’t know if that’s more of less than on the old forums, but it sure is one the highest number of views I’ve seen in a while.

Damn, you just don’t stop bitching, do you. Issues are known and being worked on as fast as possible. It would have been ideal to have had all this up and running in a test environment before hand and migrated after that, but hopefully it can be chalked up to as a lesson learned.

After the What’s New / Best Of tables, it now shows:
{pocket name=“AfterSummaries”}

so what about the avatars? they still lookpixelated :confused:

Please remove join date / post count… it’s just another bitching reason and flame bait.

^ That.

Was wondering what was going on with the avatars and such too.

Only 09ers and later bitch about showing join dates…it’s not even showing a date.

Why are the Av’s huge again?
Any updates on the search function…like searching within a subforum only, and going beyond 2 years?