Upcoming Site Improvements

I guess on the plus side all the bots from different spam people are actively exploiting this same stupid hole on SRK so are actively stomping all over each other:


Anyone else have a problem with the mobile site where the cursor jumps to the beginning of a post when you try to manually move it to the end? So far, I haven’t encountered this with any of my other apps on my Galaxy, so I assume its with the forum software.

It happens to me every once in a while on Droid. I also don’t like that on mobile, there is no way to look at notifications without first clicking on your account, and THEN clicking notifications. That process takes 2 pages more than it should.

That, and the small size of the page numbers is my only complaint with mobile.

Some of the bots seem to like to spam their own profile so that they show up in the activity feed:

When I click on this link: WTS - Full Kuroda DVD sets & RARE Kuroda Urien DVD!
I get the following prompt:
"Authentication Required
The Server Http://neoempire.com:80 requires a username and password."
Why/how the hell am I getting prompted to login to an outside website from within SRK?

The first post has a reference to an image on their boards: http://neoempire.com/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif

I assume neoempire has a configuration that won’t load imagery for non-members. Saves bandwidth, motivates more people to sign up on their boards/services, etc. Not that uncommon.

I’ve taken the liberty of editing the image out.

If this isn’t on the list of things to fix/improve, it seems we are unable to change the text below our Avatars. If I’m missing a prompt to do so, please enlighten me…

Is there any chance we could get Smilies for Injustice Buttons? I could really use them.

Just use Marvel/Blazblue smilies.

I turned off images on signatures… so why can i still see the image in this guy’s signature?

Except Injustice uses numeric notation and has buttons with no FG equal.

God, I hate how the western communities create abitrary notation systems when the rest of the world uses the same numeric directions (even for Tekken).


But really, LMH/ABC should work fine, the only missing buttons are for meter burn and interactables.

And Trait. And both Trait and Meter Burn are kind of a BIG DEAL.

You should probably make the smilies first, it would make it easier to implement if they did end up putting them in.

…How do I create smilies?

Why not use these?




I was going to ask where you got them until I saw the quote. Alright, I’ll see what I can do.

When you Jail somebody, the “Signature Hidden” penalty is only applied to new posts it appears. O_o