Upcoming Site Improvements

I can’t knock them for that. They’re trying to move the site, their events, and the community forward. You don’t get Microsoft sponsorships with a bunch of children running around calling people nger or fgots. I, for one, welcome the change.

edit: Self-edited, because somewhat amusingly, you can say ngerfgots (without the self-censoring) and the board doesn’t catch it. It looks like it has to match the whole word maybe? Just a heads-up to the sysops. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a tad silly. I can go to an event and scream these words at the top of my lungs, during a stream, and have nothing happen to me. But SRK is afraid it’s going to hurt feelings? Please.

We’re also not big enough to have MS really care that much unless we kill someone. The only reason they pull sponsorships from bigger markets is because more people will raise a stink there. We won’t get that in this community.

If you’re screaming those words at the top of your lungs at some event, you probably merit being kicked out of the event. Don’t mistake not getting caught/punished with the action being condoned, and there’s certainly no transitive property whereby just because you get away with it in one situation means that it’s appropriate in others. If you want to press the issue, please do so at your work place or with family or otherwise with people and events that you care about. It seems pretty easy to respect the time, love, and effort of the people that bring you SRK and one of the world’s best parties every year.

By that logic, do you believe that if you go to Evo and scream those words during a Microsoft-sponsored event’s livestream, everything will be okay? I’m not so sure I agree with that… Really, I’m sure that just about any major stream would be unhappy with you after that.

I’m not pro-censorship by any means, but from a business perspective it’s a good move. It’s also a good move as a defensive bait to get rid of some of the gutter-trash that has recently invaded the forums. If it allows for more bans of stupid troll accounts (or accounts that have not and most likely will not ever contribute anything besides profanities), I consider that another huge plus :lol:

edit: kinda redundant after Preppy’s post. D’oh. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was hyperbole, but I hear the language spoken at these events all the time. That’s a simple fact and there are hundreds of hours of footage, both online and personal, that prove it. It’s just how the community talks. Why not put similar bans on foul language during live events if we want to go that far? Why is the website the only place where the language is outright censored?

Besides, my original point is why focus on censoring language (I think it’s been turned off or only limited to a few words) when the entire site is barely held together. I come to this part of the forum only a handful of times a year expecting something worthwhile, but it’s never true. The site just keeps becoming more unstable as time continues.

Stop wasting time on unnecessary applications and focus on giving users a stable, smooth website.

Proof of shitty things happening doesn’t establish that these shitty things should continue to happen. Not sure why you need to push the issue on a website run by your friends. Seems like they’ve asked for some pretty simple respect for them, their time, and other human beings. You’re pushing the fight for shit that the SRK rules have banned for at least ten years now (rule 18 here [ terms of service and rules ] all must read this - that’s just the only easy to find copy of the old rules which seem lost on the weird new site): seems pointless and something you could have tried (and failed) to fight for ten years ago. This does not seem like something that has ever been up for debate, and it is likely never to be up for debate. Move on.

My post was moving on from that and to the more important issue: site stability.

The people who run this site aren’t my friends. Only a couple have met me in the 14 years I’ve been posting here. I may be known on the forums but that’s not exactly the same thing.

Again, my original question was why focus on adding code to censor language when the site itself isn’t stable. Wouldn’t that trump trying to keep people talking niceties? Every day I have an issue with logging in, posting, or just browsing SRK. I do not have an issue with reading the word “fuck” in anyone’s post. I’m sure the majority (or at least the plurality) of members here feel the same way I do. So why hasn’t it been addressed? Is it because fixing smaller issues is easier to show immediate results than fixing one large, complex issue? I’d just like an answer. I’d love a solution.

Stop being hurt by what I post here. It was a site change and I asked about it in the appropriate thread. I didn’t champion it ten years ago because I wasn’t posting here regularly ten years ago. I post here now and the larger issues far more affect me than what is said over the internet.

You’re being really dumb.

It takes way, way, way less time and effort to implement a word filter than to fix some technical issue. Hell, it takes less time than it takes for you to make one of your ignorant posts complaining about it. There is no “word filter OR fix technical issue” dichotomy, so you should probably stop talking like there is.

Well guys just so you know, somebody officially broke the shit out of the website. Reaction system is gone, “best of” features have disappeared, and the Flagging system got ghosted as well.

Moderating is probably going to be really fun now that you cant flag people.


Not my likes, agrees, and LOLs!

But seriously, what the fuck is going on with this site?

“Vanilla is more stable than Xenforo”

i wanted to give you likes and lols but now i cant do it

sad latino poster

Don’t feel bad. I posted something similar in the lounge, went to see if I had any lol’s and had to slap myself for being a retard since reactions are gone xD

Ah. I went to Like something and it was gone. Thought I got banned from it for some reason. lol

i was on a roll of giving out insightfuls and lols
bring back my rating system :frowning:
just take away the flag

i want to give likes ;_;

Without likes, agrees, and lols, how will I know what posts are worth reading?

If you think that Vanilla is somehow less stable than Xenforo, it’s probably because you weren’t here, or at least weren’t active, during Xenforo.
There’s a difference between instability and inferior functionality (and the latter is arguable). It’s only within the last week or so that I’ve ever experienced any of the “OH SHIT SOMETHING BAD HAPPENED”.

I definitely miss the reaction buttons, though. I didn’t miss rep when it left, but I’ll miss being able to skim over the loads of crap that get posted and being able to instantly spot the few gems inbetween (or the latest circlejerk/whiteknighting, as was occasionally the case)

i want to disagree

Vanilla is exactly as unstable as xenforo was. Every 5 clicks or so, you get the error thing just like when xenforo couldn’t handle user traffic. We went through months of lost features, corrupted posts, and missing FG related icons only for it to come back full circle.