Upcoming Site Improvements

yeah, for something that seems like it would be such a quick and easy fix, it feels like there is active disinterest in fixing it. has anyone with source/admin access even looked into it?

So I just noticed…
Why does the default link for each thread lead to the LAST page? Take any thread and chop off all the extraneous stuff at the end. Enter it into your address bar and you end up on the last page of the thread. I don’t agree with that at all.
A couple of examples:
This thread: Upcoming Site Improvements
My trade thread: WTS: Razer Panthera for PS4/PS3/PC (Brand New) - $175 Shipped OBO
All lead to last page of the threads.

Overlooked, not ignored. What’s up with these forums? You’ve got my attention :smile:

P.S.: Feel free to contact me directly at kasper@vanillaforums.com - email is the most efficient way to get in touch with me

For some reason those three forums are not visible by default. People have been complaining about it since the first day the new software was rolled out. You have to scroll all the way down to the bottom and toggle “all categories” instead of “followed categories” in order to see them.

I can’t edit that post properly for some reason. :confused:

Anyway, the following forums are invisible to users by default for some reason:





The communities that still play those games would really appreciate it if you could get this issue fixed.

Those categories were set to hidden yes - I’ve changed this so they should now show up by default.

So again…

What’s the deal with connecting to Twitter?

Good stuff. Thanks for looking into it.

It doesn’t lead to the last page, it leads to the first post you haven’t read.

But when you’ve read everything, yes, it does redirect you to the very last post on the very last page.

I feel like the Search implementation is broken and prevents me from finding useful data. I was trying to look up “SHGL videos” or something else (trying to find a contact) that was going to take me pretty deep back in the SRK Way Back tree, but I got one page of results and then one More Results option. For SRK, I think you kind of need a nonlimited search. Ancient stuff is often as important as new stuff.

I miss the old ‘Ignore’ function. If I ignore someone, I don’t want to see others quoting them (since that’s stuff I’ve stated I don’t want to see) and their posts greyed out - I want it to be as if they’d never existed… #bwahahaha


Please remove the duplicate, empty Mortal Kombat section.


It’s still there on their profile page. It hasn’t been on the current page (while you read their post) since I think vBulletin.

I’ve found it on the new forum, I just much preferred the way it used to work - I suspect it’s not a thing that can be changed, however.

Thanks, though!

I was wondering if the Video gallery would return

Video Gallery is still there too:

Random question, how do you clear out your text box when a draft is saved inside of it without posting? Because just deleting the text inside doesn’t seem to work.

I mean the site extension where we “uploaded” a link of youtube and it was put on different galleries depending on the tags used to describe the video

For now you delete everything there, put in a . and hit the save draft button.