Upcoming Site Improvements

God, I hate how the western communities create abitrary notation systems when the rest of the world uses the same numeric directions (even for Tekken).


But really, LMH/ABC should work fine, the only missing buttons are for meter burn and interactables.

And Trait. And both Trait and Meter Burn are kind of a BIG DEAL.

You should probably make the smilies first, it would make it easier to implement if they did end up putting them in.

…How do I create smilies?

Why not use these?




I was going to ask where you got them until I saw the quote. Alright, I’ll see what I can do.

When you Jail somebody, the “Signature Hidden” penalty is only applied to new posts it appears. O_o

What the fuck? THOSE are the button icons for injustice? None of the perfectly fine bunches of current icons wouldn’t do?

And which of he perfectly fine bunches of current icons would you use for Meter Burn and Character Power?

I can’t actually mod even in Firefox at this point, let alone in IE. I installed AdBlock Plus and I can mod again. O_o

So, if u r a mod u can get away with it?

Any update on Tapatalk functionality? Trying to browse the new forums from a phone is a painful experience.

As far as we know, vanilla has no plans of adding tap a talk support.

Aside from some text editor issues (which it turns out might be an issue with my KB) I actually prefer Vanilla mobile.

2 months ago, I still can’t search for posts by person

Interesting Vanilla bug: you can’t actually message Yeah Dude 120% normally:

I was wondering this myself, and I can’t find an answer to this question anywhere else, so If someone could answer, I would be much obliged ^^.

I’ve been hit with this “html mode bug” as well. Can anyone help or do I have to create a new FS/FT thread in the Trading Outlet forum? Here’s my thread:

Also, how about an option for one email notification of a reply to a thread instead of an email for every reply to a thread?


Getting 503 errors occasionally on the site. GGs.

Im going to assume the move icons are gone because you’re adding the Injustice ones.

If not, the move icons are gone.