Upcoming Skullgirls Events [Links Inside]

**Please create your event threads in the tournament and event sections of SRK, Dustloop and/or whatever site and link back to them in this thread. **

(Thread inspired by a thread in the VF section)

Events Calender: http://skullheart.com/forums/index.php?events/upcoming

https://www.facebook.com/events/403639333014017/ June 30th

https://www.facebook.com/events/291443870948278/ August 10-12th

The first one is kinda just a casual thing, the second one is going to be HUGE. It’s Edmonton’s biggest tourney of the year and we’re talking about flying out Fanatiq for it.

Team St1ckBuG tournament 6/23

Summer Jam 6 8/25-26

Pacific Northwest Monthly Fighting Game Tournament [June 29th] in Auburn WA $3 Venue [Skullgirls, Blazblue, Melty Blood, King of Fighters]


EVO Side Tourney details

$5 entry is lame, it should be 10.

Prize pool is 1k, plus top 3 gets sticks, I dunno how 5 dollar entry is a lame idea. :slight_smile:

Evo tourney will be held on a special version of the game that I am making just for you all.
It’ll have Tournament Mode, the hitbox glitch ‘fix’, the DHC freeze fix, and the coming-in-backward fix. Nothing else should be different from the shipped game.

[edit] I gotta say, I like the patch version waaaay better.

extra colours??

Secret “Mike Z wins” code?

Seriously though, are you entering? Would be great to see your filia on stream some more.

Will the tourney even be streamed?

Oh, yeah. Yes. In fact I should have said that the other way around - EVERYTHING is the way it is in the patch for the tournament EXCEPT the characters/IPS/speed. And we’ll have patch-version stations for casuals.

Dunno about stream - I asked Wiz and he said we didn’t pay for bandwidth so we don’t get any…? However, the Evo version also auto-saves replays in Tournament Mode, so we’ll have replays of the whole thing if nothing else.

I think I shouldn’t be allowed to enter, given how shady that looks. (^.^)

Just fight the 1st place winner as a secret boss IRL.

I don’t know if the world is ready for Mike in a maid costume.

First place gets the title, $$$, a stick and an ass whooping.

Find HFA if you want to stream, think he already bought his own hotspot thingy.

Watch as MLP:FiM gets more bandwidth than SG. Wiz has his priorities, you see.

Wait, saves replays? Is that just in the Evo build or did I miss something and is that a thing now?

Just the Evo build, since we are developers and can do whatever we want to the console. It’s not a thing for you all, sorry.