Upcoming Skullgirls Events [Links Inside]

id give it some time yet before declaring only online tournies. a significant portion of players cant even play the patch yet, and im interested to see what was meant by ravidrath about something being a help to the japanese scene…

salty cupcakes always get a good turnout for a THURSDAY weekly (averages 15-20)

Frosty Faustings, Just north of Chicago, 12/29, link in sig.

North Jersey Rejects Tournament Series Featuring Skullgirls!
February 16th
Gamer’s Edge
498 Kearny Ave, Kearny NJ
5PM until whenever

For the love of god show up guys. I’ve spent the better part of a year setting this up. Don’t make me look like a fool by causing the brackets to be empty.

I just found out about this today

lol Skull Girls gets into CEO, Jebailey doesn’t want us back. (Truth is he doesn’t want to get bodied ;P) Have fun SG, first perk already showing up.

Skullgirls at UFGT9 and CEO2013… there’s new hope on the horizon. If the community don’t show up this time, at those tournaments, there’ll be no space for complaining after it. WE NEED TO SUPPORT IT!!!

As far I’m concerned, CEO and UFGT just became the top priority tournaments for the SG community, more than EVO.

This is true.

There will be a Skullgirls tournament at this year’s Momocon!
(Practically across from- and used to be at- my campus)

Wait… you are also at Georgia Tech? Why aren’t we playing skullgirls then?

Link in my sig


Facebook group for NJ Rejects Tournament Series February 16th

So who is like, even semi-confirmed for CEO?

Did you ever go to the Friday Meets at Klaus?
Last semester I was always trying to get people to play SG but I only got like…one dude to play for a bit and he just happened to be one of the top players from…one of the last years tournaments. I got more people to play MVC2 =/

I’m not taking classes this semester, but I work on campus (from 11-3) and Participate in the Scifilab radio show (7pm-8pm on thursdays), but I will gladly play you if its not during those times. I just need to set things up on my end.

EDIT: These are the first steps of creating a southern East Coast scene :rock:

I go to Klaus occasionally, but I only really play SG (Used to play MK and UMVC3). Although to be fair, I am terrible at all three. I was thinking of bringing SG next time I go, probably this Friday or something, and seeing if anyone was interested in giving it a shot. I am also working (co-oping) this semester, so weekdays during working hours won’t work.

Well sometime this month I should be going to Klaus for the meets so maybe we can meet then. Also I may go to campus on saturdays for bboy practice, so maybe on a few weekends we can play

As far as going? I’m hoping to have enough money for travel costs to CEO, UFGT9, and Evo, but there’s some serious advanced planning and arithmetic involved that I haven’t quite worked out yet.

I am also open to room sharing arrangements with anyone else who is interested in going to any of these tournaments.

EVO Side Tourney

Dedicated thread w/ details: Evo2013 Side Tournament - $1000 pot bonus LET'S GO!

Look a real events calender! Bookmark it! Use it!!


2 events in Oak Park, IL<br><br>2/15 <br>http://skullheart.com/forums/index.php?threads/feb-15-2013-female-friday-sg-ah3-oak-park-il.182/<br><br><br>2/16<br> http://skullheart.com/forums/index.php?threads/feb-16-2013-saturday-shenanigans-sg-bb-gg-p4a-oak-park-il.181/<br>