Upcoming tournament


Kbeast told me about it, here’s the link to the srk thread: http://shoryuken.com/f23/kin-yoobi-con-2010-august-6th-7th-ssf4-bs-cs-tvc-t6-smash-tournys-hayward-ca-243949/

looks interesting and I happen to be nearby, what do you guys think?

Are you guys planning to go?


Yoshi, just go to it and win! Make a name for the best PTX in the country!


Go for it. With your skills, I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to place in the top.


My bad, I mean, what do you think about YOU guys going. This thread isn’t about me lol


you guys realize that I’M going to this too, right???

and as far as socal going, yea, kinda far out for them, I mean I HELLA wouldn’t mind if SoCal came to this! But that’s totally up to them, it’s quite a distance…


Show them real power chief.


i wish i lived in cali so i could actually play with other people:sad:


GG me.


Yo Yoshi, Tronzilla said he might wanna carpool to this thing, and since you’re pretty close to the venue, is it possible for u to house him?


I want to show up for this thing. I finally found a way to do the old Ken/Tekkaman combos/resets in the acho videos. Yeah boy! Now I just got to get it consistent where I can feel confident using it in tourney matches


Alright well I am planning to drive up and can take 3 others, If someone up there has housing for us for two nights, please let me know. So the 3 people have not been picked yet so first come first serve, let me know.


I MIGHT be able to house you guys, although I share my house with my parents and you know how Asian parents are. Regardless, they are pretty cool with most things.

I’ll update with a confirmation.


I would house you guys, but it’s actually like at least an hour away from me…in fact, I think u might need to house me for the night too, Yoshi! lol


I like how this post just totally went in one direction and made a complete u-turn by then end in the same sentence haha.


haha, well i was just kidding, but yea, i’m an hour away from this event…


out of curiosity, why can’t you guys use a hotel?

Just wondering. This is not to turn you people down.


Think of the simplist answer:

To save teh moneyz.


I was gonna post about my tourney here, but I’ve decided to make a new thread instead…