Upcoming tournaments, Super Turbo is back!


Hmmmmmmmm… although I work Saturdays… HHMMMMMMMMMMMM


Ghaleon and I are running Season’s Beatings this year, which means ST all weekend. The official ST tourney will be high rollers ($50 entry) on Saturday.

We are also planning a side 3v3 tourney, which is tentatively scheduled for Sunday morning.


Will there be any yet-to-be-announced ST-playing JP guests at SB this year?


Wish I could make it to SB…


Maybe :wink:


Updated with SB(Which will be amazing), ZenBlaster’s event and some international dates.


Dromstruction - UC Davis - October 22nd-23rd - NorCal Major

This is going to be one of the largest fighting game tournaments NorCal has seen all year, with seeding tournaments already taking place all across the bay area!

October 22nd & 23rd
Freeborn Hall, UC Davis, CA 95616

Double Elimination Tournament for the following games:

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition
Marvel vs Capcom 3
Mortal Kombat
Tekken 6
Street Fighter III: Third Strike
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II
Super Street Fighter II: Turbo
Catherine 1v1

Come join us in our 14,000+ sq ft venue to enjoy food, games and products brought to you by local businesses and the fighting game community!



^^ST on PS3? Sounds like they’re doing Classic mode HDR (or maybe HSF AE). I checked the website and the SRK thread, but couldn’t find confirmation.


1st post updated with Nec and event Papasi posted up. TY


Another one to add. :slight_smile:


ST (Arcade) @ SoCal Regionals Dec 17-18, 2011


Glad it’s still a side tourney. don’t have to pay the pointless 80 bajillion dollar registration fee for one game that probably wouldn’t get streamed at all.

Anyways I’m pretty sure I’ll be there.


Dunno if I’ll be going to this, but SoCal Regionals sounds really tempting…


I put a SF2 (ST and HDR) tournament calendar up on my site a little while back. Might as well link it in this thread. :slight_smile:





I hope you keep that calendar updated for 2012 Kuroppi.


I will be updating it soon.

Also, I recently changed it to a Google Calendar so if you use that, you can add it to your calendars.



Winter Brawl 6 is this weekend, ST side tourney on super gun. Anyone else going?


It will be on japanese h2h.


Ooh no shit? Woo!


Will it be streamed?