Upcoming tournaments, Super Turbo is back!



Winter Brawl 6 is this weekend, ST side tourney on super gun. Anyone else going?


It will be on japanese h2h.


Ooh no shit? Woo!


Will it be streamed?


No. I’ll try and record what I can, but I’ll be in other tournaments at the same time.


Ah, that’s too bad. I bet there will be some good matches! Surely someone can record all the matches.


You’re not entering the ST tourney? :open_mouth:


He’s playing more games than just ST, in this case.


Updated with Tournament of Legends EVO Qualifiers & Winter Brawl. :slight_smile:



Just heard that the Winter Brawl ST tourney might be on Sunday.


How did Winter Brawl Super Turbo go?

  1. damdai (ohawk, oken)
  2. pyschochronic (chun)
  3. gpl (boxer, osagat)

I recorded most of it. Will post link when upload finished.


Congrats. Did a lot of people enter?


damn sorry i missed it.


14 entered.

Big thanks to mikeidge for letting us use his cabs. It was an amazing experience to get to play on head-to-head candy cabs for my first tourney.


That’s ST.

PS: Kuroppi, fish for a ToL pot bonus, man!


I was hoping it’s ST too, but i don’t think it’s confirmed anywhere is it?


you’re welcome. i just wish i could have stayed to actually play. what did you think of the lighting in the room? i think it makes a difference…its my way of making the ST room stand out.


It was easily the coolest looking room in the venue, definitely helped ST stand out. I noticed quite a few non-ST players wandering in just to play (and stay) on the setup during casuals.


i did snap a quick pic of the room before i left. i think thats juicebox abel getting in on the ST action…