Upcoming tournaments, Super Turbo is back!


Will it be streamed?


No. I’ll try and record what I can, but I’ll be in other tournaments at the same time.


Ah, that’s too bad. I bet there will be some good matches! Surely someone can record all the matches.


You’re not entering the ST tourney? :open_mouth:


He’s playing more games than just ST, in this case.


Updated with Tournament of Legends EVO Qualifiers & Winter Brawl. :slight_smile:



Just heard that the Winter Brawl ST tourney might be on Sunday.


How did Winter Brawl Super Turbo go?

  1. damdai (ohawk, oken)
  2. pyschochronic (chun)
  3. gpl (boxer, osagat)

I recorded most of it. Will post link when upload finished.


Congrats. Did a lot of people enter?


damn sorry i missed it.


14 entered.

Big thanks to mikeidge for letting us use his cabs. It was an amazing experience to get to play on head-to-head candy cabs for my first tourney.


That’s ST.

PS: Kuroppi, fish for a ToL pot bonus, man!


I was hoping it’s ST too, but i don’t think it’s confirmed anywhere is it?


you’re welcome. i just wish i could have stayed to actually play. what did you think of the lighting in the room? i think it makes a difference…its my way of making the ST room stand out.


It was easily the coolest looking room in the venue, definitely helped ST stand out. I noticed quite a few non-ST players wandering in just to play (and stay) on the setup during casuals.


i did snap a quick pic of the room before i left. i think thats juicebox abel getting in on the ST action…




Oh, cool, you got most of my other matches. I didn’t realize they were being recorded as well. A few “oh god why” moments but great to learn from this and to actually see my bad habits. Thanks for uploading.


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