Upcoming VF Events: Link to local events/gatherings inside


We are limited in space in this forum until we get a character sub forum. Please create your event threads in the tournament and event sections of SRK and link back to them in this thread


Running a tournament this Sunday in CT, VF5:FS will be present [Jun 24, 2012] New Challengers EVO Warmup AE 2012, UMVC3, KOF13 & VF5:FS (Stratford, CT)


Team St1ckbug Jumps the Science Shark into 3D! Team St1ckbug Monthly 6/23 Brooklyn, NY BB/SG/GG/VF @ Next Level [Jun 23, 2012] Team St1ckbug Jumps the Science Shark into 3D! 6/23/12 Brooklyn, NY... (Brooklyn, NY)


Evo warm up tourney #2 Ae/UMVC3/KOF/VF Stratford CT July 1st



Sudden Death VIII @ Next Level (UMvC3, VF5, SSBM) 6/30 (Brooklyn, NY)


GameClucks Saturday Slugfest @ Dante’s - 7/14 (Seattle, WA) [Sat, Apr 20] GameClucks Saturday Slugfest X (Seattle, WA) - Injustice & 2 events left for PNWR2E!
Thursday Night Fights @ GameClucks / Dante’s - Every Thursday (Lynnwood / Seattle, WA) GameClucks Thursday Night Fights (Streaming every Thursday!)


Dave & Busters VF Tournament Saturday August 11th in Philly!


[SIZE=4]Team St1ckbug’s Summer Belongs to You! 7/21 BB/SG/GG/VF/MB! (Brooklyn, NY)[/SIZE]


I know some people here might not like VFDC, but if you’re still soldiering on here, might as well check out the Tournaments + Events page on VFDC. It’s pretty much the most comprehensive list as to where VF will be played. Cheers :slight_smile:


Sega Cup at Super Arcade April 20th


Carolina Games Summit at Wayne Community College (Goldsboro, NC) Feb. 2


If you’re interested in the SEGA Cup guys, with superb prizes even for lower placings, there’s just a 128 slots for a very reasonable entry fee. If I lived in the States, I’d be all over this, and I still struggle to win matches over Live, but… $400 for coming last!   :bz


VF fans, I’ll just leave this here:




SUMMER JAM 7. VF5 FS tourney is Sun Aug 18 at 4pm in the 3D Room $40 venue fee $10 to register for the tourney.


Extremely last minute but players from SanDiego, and Vegas are joining the LA/IE players at Super Arcade tomorrow night 3/21/2014 for console casuals. 8PM $5 for the venue fee.