UPDATE Cipher12.com Clearance Sale (OBSF30 -$2.50)


Hey SRK! So we made it through our first batch and we managed to get some delicious sanwa and seimitsu parts. As of now it looks like we’re here to stay to provide you with more parts with competitive prices! Please take a look at our website. Images for the products are up. Thanks!

Canadian orders are fully automated. Feel free to order via website. Thanks for your patience and sorry for any incovenience we have caused in the past.
Current ]
PS-14-GNC same color rim and plunger are all on clearance for $3.25/ea!!!

For balltops with JLF just go ahead and add the (solid color ball and we’ll manually refund you the $.50 if you buy LB 39 and the $0.85 if you buy LB35 with it. Thanks.

Please read all product description regarding color and items etc before purchasing. If you have any questions please ask. It’s hard for us to go back and edit mistakes that are made especially if the mistakes are made after shipping. Thanks.

List of new products and restock coming in by 6/30
OBSF-30 Blue
OBSF-30 Red $2.85/ea
OBSF-30 Green
OBSF-30 Blue
OBSF-30 Dark Hai
OBSF-30 White

JLF-TP-8S Plate $4.95/ea
JLF-TP-8Y Plate $4.95/ea
JLF-CD (Shaft cover kit) $2.24/ea
JLF GT-Y (Octagonal Gate) $4.95/ea

PS-14-KN Clear Blue $3.95/ea
PS-14-KN Clear White
PS-14-KN Clear Yellow
PS-14-KN Clear Orange
PS-14-GNC (Black rim, clear plunger red ) $3.85/ea
PS-14-GNC (black rim, clear plunger white)

Balltop ($3/ea or $2.50/ea with JLF purchase)
Clear White Bubble top
Clear Purple Bubble Top
Clear Blue bubble top
Clear Yellow Bubble top

Bat top $5.00/ea (w/o adapter)


  1. Seimitsu PS-14-GNCs on website are now $3.50 !! go get em!
  2. Canadian orders are fully automated and ready to go (read below for details)
  3. Cash Pick order requirements (read below)

All pickup orders have to be $30 or over. It is more cost efficient for both us and for you if your order is under $30 because it is cheaper for us to mail it than for you to drive and meet up with us. It is also faster in a sense.
All pickups done in LA
between 9am-6pm in El Monte Area M-F (must be scheduled with Selig (Cipher12) first) All night pickups will be done in weekends (also must be scheduled first)
All pickups in Orange County area/Irvine
Scheduled with Jtwelve and he’ll contact you asap to arrange something.

OBSF 30 (White, Blue, Pink, VER, Dark Hai, Red) ($2.85)
OBSF 24 (Red, White) ($2.50)
OBSN 30 (White) ($3.05)

PS 14 KN (Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Clear) ($3.95)
PS 14 GNC(Blue, Pink, Red, White) (Colored rims with solid color bodies with clear plunger) ($3.50)!!
24mm PS 14 D (red with black rims) (white with black rims) (Black with black rims) ($2.50)
LS 32-01 (with S plate and harness) (Black and white ball top) ($23.50)
LS-33 ($24.99) (black or white balltop or pay additional for clear colors)
Sanwa JLF Octagonal Gates ($4.95)

Button Plugs 30mm ($1.50)

Balltop (pink, blue, black, white, Dark Hai) (clear purple, clear blue, clear pink)

LB 35 Solid color ball tops ($2.00) with purchase of Sanwa JLF Y8T (Fit Sanwa JLF not seimitsu)
LB 39 Clear color ball tops ($2.50) With purchase of Sanwa JLF Y8T (Fit both Seimitsu and Sanwa JLF)

Clear ball tops ($3.00) purchased alone
Solid color ball tops ($2.85) purchased alone.

Will cipher12 charge high handling fee to control demand?

HELL NO! If you order, we can supply. Trust.

Can we trust you guys?

All transactions are through paypal and shipping fee is based off USPS price.
We also have return policies and etc.


white 30mm sanwa obsn please. Thanks!


I can vouch for these guys. If they start slacking, let me know. I’ll drive over and kick their asses =)


Alright it’s on the list for our next shipment.


Balltops, seimitsu parts, plates!


I second that. More Seimitsu and Sanwa parts would definitely help. I am close to you so I will definitely check back.

Good Luck


thanks niz if you ever need parts, i don’t even mind meeting up at Arcade infinity or wherever. Thz for the support.


Get some seimitsu buttons and I’d be all over it!

Good luck w/ the site, nice clean design.


Just ordered a Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT Joystick.


Thanks for the support Will.


Could I do local pick-up lemme know thanks


Made a purchase on the jlf as well, hopefully ill be seeing it soon :]


yo what up ek. of course you can. When you check out, there’s an option you can choose for local pick up and you can contact my partner Selig, or myself (whoever has time) and we can set something up.


Hey thanks for the support and yes you should be seeing it soon because the stick will be shipped out tomorrow or the day after and since you’re in norcal, should take between 3-5 days depending on what shipping you chose. Thanks for the support guys.


can i pickup some buttons locally in socal? thanks


Absolutely, just order from the website and select the shipping option as pick up. We can set up a meeting time and we’re good.


Quick question, do the buttons fit in a TE?


Yes they should fit in the tournament edition sticks no problem (if thats what TE) meant.


Ohh ok cool just placed a order right now for pick-up.


The buttons that come with the TE are White OBSF-30 and Dark Hai OBSF-30, and they’re selling Red and Green OBSF-30s, so yes.

I personally like Seimitsu PS-14-GN with the clear plungers.