**update**joystick parts super sale (canadians only) while supplies last


UPDATE JAN 31, see last post : ) Thanks guys

Hey guys
I don’t know if any of you guys remember me but I am the owner of GTArcade. I used to build sticks and have sold parts to many members on here (US and CDN). At the time, I left the country for a year and didn’t continue building sticks after I came back. I will be leaving for work again, and I won’t be back for a few years. I still have lots of parts left that I want to get rid of.

This is ONLY exclusive to my fellow Canadian friends, because I had really positive experience dealing with Canadians, and also shipping is cheaper, allowing me to lose less money in shipping. After 1 week or so I will move this over to Trading Outlet so other non Canadian members can take advantage of this deal. So While Supplies Last!! The listed prices are really low, almost everything here is below cost. I am located in Richmond Hill, Ontario if you want to pick up at Leslie and Major Mackenzie.

All Sanwa are reserved for HVE until further notice

Since USD and CDN are pretty much even, you can send me Canadian or USD, it doesn’t matter to me. Whatever works best for you.

Please note everything is first come first serve.
Thank you take care guys!


if anyone is interested…got more in my other place


got any JLF?


Hello HvE! It has been a while, were you the one who bought the blank cases? Anyway, I already ran out of JLFs
Also I have updated the inventory list. Sold about 50 buttons today : )


I’ll take some of those xbox pads off your hands. I’m pretty local to where you are.


How many do you need?
Thank you

  • 12:47am updated again, over 100 buttons sold in one day wow! thanks everybody!


yep, that’s me. How many buttons you have left?


Get what you can from Shadowzer0.
Legit guy and the prices are too good to pass up


The PS-14-G’s are super tempting. They’ll all disappear as soon they hit the Trading outlet!


Shadowzer0, could you reserve 72 buttons for me? if you don’t have that many left, then just the rest? thanks


hey guys! I’ve come back to Toronto again and will be staying for 2 weeks! Happy Chinese New Years guys! I was cleaning my place and I found about 80 black SEIMITSU PS-14-G , 2 MC Cthulhu soldered and white, black balltops, plus lots of quick disconnects. Just send me an offer. Thanks!