Update on 3S for PS2

I recently sent out an e-mail to Capcom regarding about 3s for ps2. Basically the whole e-mail was to get more info on the game and if it was going to be a arcade port and not a replica DC version which had flaws. Well, here’s the answer:


Thank you for contacting Capcom U.S.A., Inc.

The upcoming PS2 version will not be like the Dreamcast version. It should be arcade perfect.

We will be sure to let you and all our avid fans know of any new
developments as they arise. Be sure to visit our website at
www.capcom.com for the latest information regarding Capcom news.

Best wishes,
Jeff Leung
Capcom Customer Service

BTW, I did not make this up. Email Capcom yourself and find out if u don’t believe me.


YES! :smiley:

I also asked Kuni about it at Absolution, and he said he thinks it’s gonna be arcade perfect with an option to turn unblockables on/off. That would be so awesome!

Maybe Capcom does care… The only thing better than this would be Alpha 3, 3rd Strike, and AE ALL ARCADE PERFECT on one disk. just imagine that shit…



Will the PS2 version have the 3 remixes for each stage like the DC version?


Shouldve asked about the X-Box port too.

now capcom know what SF3rdstrike arcade port is cooking. though i would still prefer to have some network option thrown in the game.:frowning:

i honestly dont think they will have unblockables, links and such intact. sure it will be arcade perfect, or so they claim, but like always, it will more than likely be based around their final revision like ALL of their home ports. this is nothing new. maybe they will be nice and add a version 1 option in system direction, but thats wishful thinking…

This is good news.

However, I’m still waiting until someone buys the game and tests it out.

3 more months…:frowning:

Zero1- could you print the email address with @? I have a couple of non-SF3 questions I’d like to ask them…

What XBox port? I didn’t think that console was popular enough to make it worth their while… As it is, it’s already touch and go if they will make a profit on this or not.

*Originally posted by Richard *
**Zero1- could you print the email address with @? I have a couple of non-SF3 questions I’d like to ask them…

Here’s an email address so u can ask whatever u want to ask.


Woo hoo! :smiley:
Now all we need to know now is what , if any, are the bonuses.

maybe not in england.

i m more interested in whether the game+ps2 will support online matches??

that would be awesome:rolleyes:

Yeah, maybe it might be arcade perfect but what version, i’m sure one of them got rid of the unblockables namely uriens allthough i’m not 100% sure which version it was i suspect it was the europian version cuz i try that shit all the time and it does not seem to work, i’d be gratefull if somebody could clear this up for me as to which version definently had unblockables and which had them taken out, cheers

^ because the arcade game totally sucked without unblockables…

We need like 1 or 2 bonus chars. They don’t have to be balance mind you. we need them just for the sake of it. This is after all a 4 year old game?

What were the flaws of the DC version? I never had an arcade around with 3S.

if i couldlink pics in here, i’d post a pic of a gigantic smiley :):):slight_smile:

puts on akuma hair

flaws of dc version = lag on inputs + can’t do stuff like urien unblockable… at least from what i see (lag on inputs sucks for parrying)