update out now

Dunno if it’s THE update, but I’d assume so

772mb is the filesize

if this is only just to fix online LOL

I just started the game and nothing happened. Did you do something special to make it update?

Edit: Also, what system?

For what system?

The Update is for PS3. Just start the game and it’ll go. And WOW 772 megs? That’s a big ass file for just a net fix.

It could be 2gigs for all I care, as long as it fixes everything.

It could be more than just a net fix. Let us know.

oo this download is going to take a while

Yeah, it’s huge and going slow as balls. At least half an hour download atm.

BOO. I waited a minute and it’s only 22% done. FASTER DAMN IT FASTER!

PSN downloads are slow.:arazz:

im playing 98um on xbla using mr big on endless mode :smiley:

now lets guess what they put in the update

I’m guessing better net play and that’s it. Maybe if I guess small, they’ll deliver big!

I already have it downloaded I havent tested it yet.


Why the hell is it 772 MBs? That just doesn’t make any sense to me.


Can’t see that anything was added besides the assumed updated online

Actually the update automatically applies the install data to the hard drive for one thing. Tried to reinstall b/c I’m having graphics issues with the Egypt stage and it says no install required b/c it was done via the patch…

I’m going to jump on the bandwagon here: “WTF??”

?, wont this mean that there’s something big that’s coming?
Speculation maybe an added feature. :wow:

its almost doneeee