Update: PNWMajors CVS2 will be on PS2: Due to popular demand

So by popular demand, CVS2 is now, finally, on PS2. Phew. That took all of three months. :rolleyes:

Thanks to the CVS2 players for loaning your discs. Now I at least feel like everyone will be happy with the tourney. :slight_smile:

[The original post of this thread it below. It basically states that CVS2 will be 1 match in losers brackets.]

It was brought up yesterday when we were discussing how to run the tournaments that because of how defensive CVS2 is (meaning slow), we may want to make the winners brackets double elimination and the losers brackets single so that we don’t go overtime on matches. This would only be an issue if we had a huge turnout for CVS2.

We wanted to ask the CVS2 players how they felt about it. The problem is that we need to get through all of the brackets for all games in 3 hours, and running overtime on CVS2 can’t happen. We need the DCs and PS2s for the next tourney games.

So if the day of the tournament comes and we get a huge turnout for CVS2, how would the players feel about it? Ultimately we’ll do what we have to to make the tourney run smoothly, but we wanted to hear your input before deciding.

I’ll just OCV everyone to keep things short.

Double elimination in winner’s and single in loser’s? That doesn’t make sense. If you lose in loser’s, you’re out of the tourney, so that’s already single elim, pretty much.

Your best bet for making CVS2 run quick is by having it going when it’s the only game on its console, so that we have the most players playing at once. Even running it on multiple platforms (ask the players before the match if they have a preference) would be helpful.

I think what he meant was 2 out of 3 in winners and single game in losers.

That was what I thought at first, too. But that just seemed baaaad when I considered it, so i shrugged it off. I hope that isn’t what he meant… :shake:

I honestly think the game should be 2/3 in winners, one game losers, then 3/5 winners, losers, and grand finals sets. The game takes an eternity to end and no one really objects to one game losers as it’s been like that for CvS2 for quite some time now in tourneys all over.

I agree with Deezo.

Shit is way to long.

Plus Fatbear might be on some crazy shit…

That’s whats going to be happening. It is going to be run on PS2 and Dreamcast and we can ask the players if they care of have a preference.

It is going to be run alongside Tekken and VF though, so it may only have about 6 or 7 TV’s.

That’s what I meant. :wink:

i heard fatbear eat’s little japanese children to level up his attack power before every tournament…

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Yeah, thread jacking.

I heard that obviously doing it 2/3 games in winners, single losers, and whatever 3/5 for finals seems like the best plan if you guys are worried about time.

So after talking it over some more with people, CVS2 is going to be on Dreamcast at PNWMajors. From what I understand, the Dreamcast is about as perfect as it needs to be an will run fine for Tournaments. The rain stage will be turned off, so that the one Bison custom-combo doesn’t cause slowdown.

It will also help us with set up, since we can keep the Dreamcasts hooked up on the same side of the room to the same TV’s for the whole day, and run 3 games on them back to back to back. No need to switch for PS2 versions.

I hope this works for everyone who enters.

PS: I basically used the corpse of this thread to make the annoucement.

actually the bison cc slows down the worst on the desert truck stage. the rain stage is simply annoying but was fixed in the ps2 version.

This guy

Ugly. Most people have ps2 sticks nowadays not DC for games that can’t be played on anything but DC (IE Marvel) thats cool… but on games that can be played on PS2 it would seem the obvious choice.

Also I haven’t really played through converter on cvs2… But converters can cause lag and in a game with frame specific inputs thats kind of annoying. Not to mention problems with blowing controller ports on DC… But hey it’s your decision guys so whatever… I’ll still come and play, I just don’t think this was the best decision.

Im going to test this when I get home… I’ve never noticed what you and fatbear keep going on about. But I usualy don’t do bison cc so whateva.

actually i notice slowdown on all stages on the DC but the truck stage is really bad. lets say each dp lasts 0.5 seconds on the ps2. on the dc on the truck stage each dp lasts about 0.75 or 1 second. that is tough to get used to. also, i believe it is more noticeable on the left of the stage rather than the right.
but, if it is on dc then i will have to play on dc. ill bring with my dc keyboard and mouse if anyone wants to get in on some typing of the dead action.

I keep hearing back and forth that there is no difference between the two, and then that there is, and then there’s not. I have been asking around a lot, and everyone tells me that it runs just fine.

Barely anyone came forward to offer CVS2 disks for PS2. Not enough to run 4 or 5 setups. If you can confirm for me 100% that you can either bring the disks, or get 5 people to post up promising to bring them, then we can do it on PS2. We won’t be doing it half on PS2 and half DC. That is going to cause problems.

As long as it runs well then its all fine. But if no one wants to be in charge of finding disks for CVS2 for PS2 by Thursday, then it will just be on Dreamcast.

Edit: Just to say, I really do want to have the best version for the players, but if no one offers disks, then there is nothing I can do.

The DC lag makes my bison CCs do more damage so I’m all for it.

The following is not meant to be an argument in favor of PS2, I just want to clear up some of the confusion. These are the notable differences between PS2 CvS2 and DC CvS2:

  1. DC is slightly slower over all than PS2
  2. Bison CC lags on DC for some reason, especially the left side of the desert stage
  3. It’s harder to see on the rain stage on DC because of the resolution
  4. Yun can freeze the PS2

Also, I have not experienced any lag with my converters, but I have been known to be full of shit when it comes to feeling lag.


you want disks or you want ps2 with the game? Cause those can be two different things…
I can supply at least 2 disks… I can probably find you at least another 2 copies of the game(probably) Fatbear and tau can bring theirs… thats at least 4 maybe 6.

I can bring a copy of CVS2…