UPDATE!: SoCal Denjin Arcade Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Ranbat #4 SUNDAY 4/26/09


UPDATE: 4-21-09: Thanks to a heads up by ll.nd about a SF art gallery on 4-25-09 as well as the other Denjin Ranbats being held on 4-26-09, I was advised to reschedule this TvC Ranbat #4 for 4-26-09. I hope this does not conflict too heavily with other plans. Starting times will remain the same.

Almost at the half way point. 6 more of these ranbats left in total. Let’s make them worthwhile!

All rules from last tournament will carry over to this ranbat.

Again, these tournaments are being held in order to give the EVO staff a wider variety of candidates to select from for the 64-man TvC invitational at this year’s EVO.

Simply saying that you deserve a spot among that 64-man roster will not do you any justice; you must prove your skill to justify that invitation!

Denjin Arcade
995 East Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93065

Entry: $5
Venue: $2
Sign-ups: 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Start Time: 6:00pm
Prize distribution: If there are at least 6 or more entrants: among 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place as follows: 70%/20%/10%
If there are 5 or less entrants: WINNER TAKE ALL.

Tournament match videos will be recorded by me and put up on my youtube page.

Now then, rules and stipulations:
-Double elimination
-Best 2 out of 3 games, Finals best 3 out of 5 games

-Standard settings (start w/1 bar, 99 seconds, regular damage)
-Winner keeps characters, loser can change characters or keep current characters
-Pre-match character switching (hold down OR hold P button before battle begins) is legal and player has to stick with current character.
-All characters are legal, including giants and console characters.
-No freeze glitches
-If the fire stage is picked both players must agree to fight on it. Better yet, stage select is legal.
-If both players pick Yatterman, each player has to come to an agreement on who uses 1P or 2P versions.
-Will be played on whatever screen ratio matches the television: if we’re playing on 4:3 TV, the station must be assigned to 4:3. Likewise, if we’re playing on a widescreen TV, it must be on 16:9 aspect ratio.

You can also see this page from the general discussion for clarification and legitimacy.

If you want to contact me, here’s my cell phone #: 661-312-8289

Post up if you plan to join this tournament so once the date of the tourney comes around, I can print a bracket that matches the number of attendees.

Potential list of entrees:
-Devil Tron (a.k.a Tronzilla666)
-Torn Apart
-Tatsujinken (pending, has not posted)
-Truegamer (pending, probably needs to get ride)
-[iHate]Youthattack (pending, has not posted yet)


Could I get this topic sticky’ed so people don’t forget about it?


Post up, people. Need to verify head count. t(‘0’)t

Tournament is this Saturday!


I am coming dawg since i am driving you and Ikki wants to come as well


Or you can ride with me, so I can drive, pick you and Mr. Takeda up, and you can add to your debt to me.



Very important: Edited first post, tournament rescheduled to 4/26/09!!! I hope most of you are okay with this.


Holy crap, I could be at Denjin all day now that there’s a TvC ranbat on Sunday too. I’d better bring a cushion…


woo! Post up, suckas!


Sounds to me like you should enter, risingtied! Adding you to potential list of attendees!!


Oh no, no no no. I wouldn’t last 3 minutes in the tournament. I’m merely an observer. I’ve only played other people maybe 10 times, and each time I can’t even beat one of their characters. :stuck_out_tongue:


im gonna see if Yaris is going,
see if i can catch a ride with him
cause i got no extra cash 4 the train right now,
but just enough for gas money…


What if I paid for your entry fee? All you’ll have to pay for is venue fee ($2). How about it?

Make sure you give him a call ASAP!!!


I understand you’re trying to get as many people as possible to jump in on the action, and that’s awesome, but it’s just a waste of your money to foot the bill for me.


I can’t make Sunday events, and especially now because I have finals coming up in the next few weeks. My semester does end May 12 though, but I only have about 2 weeks to play some. I am headed to Uganda for volunteer work from May 26-June 20 (Gonna miss Devastation also). So yeah, looks like I have too much going on for me to participate in these. Hopefully my skill doesn’t diminish over my trip


I see. It looks like you’ll be able to make it to Ranbat #6 on May 23 (at the very least).


Even though I know i’ll end up dead last, it can’t hurt to join in. I will get totally demolished though, that’s for sure. I’m planning to be at Denjin for the SF4 ranbats, if i’m still around for TvC, i’m in.


Alright. Assuming all 9 people in the potential entree list enter, I’ll print out a 9-man bracket and a 12-man bracket if we get a few on-site entrants. This will happen tonight at around 6PM-7PM.


Come in early for some friendlies! I’ll be there around 3


Good luck guys, have fun
and discover some new infinites


I just figured out some awesome, non-baroque combos with Polymar w/Ippatsuman assist.