MWC 06 JUN 16-18 $2000 in X CASH+ PRIZES for 3s/CVS2/A3/ST/GG#RELOAD/Tekken 5.0/MVC2

It’s that time of year again!

June 16-18, 2006

Nickel City
555 Waukegan Road
Northbrook, IL 60062

13th Annual Midwest Fighting Game Championships sponsored by:
NubyTech, Capcom, UDON, MORE!

This year’s tournament is STILL mostly ARCADE oriented! We are not going to succumb to the console except where we have no choice! We are also going to make things a tad more interesting this year. We have condensed the tournaments down to what matters most, and what people are STILL playing. We have moved around the scheduling of some tournaments because last year CVS2 and MVC2 were lower in attendance due to them being on Sunday. We are still adding extra cash for games, and are now distributing it amongst the top 4 players in each tournament, so you have an extra incentive in showing up. We are giving away prizes to those that place 5th or higher in the core group of tournaments which will be displayed later in this thread. We even have a “mystery” tourney which is WINNER TAKE ALL and consists of random games that you will NOT KNOW ABOUT until the tournament begins! IN fact, you could end up playing 5 different games against opponents in this tournament! It is as random as it gets! Enough of this, though…let’s get to the schedule, extra cash, and prizes!


Friday, June 16
12pm-Street Fighter Alpha 3
Arcade, 2/3 matches, 3/5 GRAND FINALS only, $5 entry fee, 60/30/10 split + unknown extra prizes!

3pm-Super Street Fighter II Turbo
Arcade, 2/3 matches, 3/5 GRAND FINALS only, DEFAULT SPEED 2 settings, $10 entry fee, 60/30/10 split + unknown extra prizes!

7pm-Marvel VS Capcom 2
Arcade, 2/3 matches, 2 cabinets, 3/5 GRAND FINALS only, $10 entry fee, 60/30/10 split + unknown extra prizes!

Arcade, 2/3 matches, ? cabinets, 3/5 GRAND FINALS only, $5 ENTRY FEE. This tournament will consist of no fewer than 4 different fighting games. You will play a different game against your opponent for each round of the tournament, and you will NOT know what game you will play in until we tell you to! Games that could be used in the tournament: Alpha 2, 3, ST, 3s, CVS2, Tekken 5.0, GG SLASH, Puzzle Fighter, Killer Instinct, Mortal Kombat, Tech Romancer, MORE???

Saturday, June 17
Arcade, 2/3 matches, 3 cabinets, TOP 8 QUALIFY FOR SUNDAY’S FINALS, $10 entry fee, extra $200 distributed amongst top 4 players! 60/30/10 split + unknown extra prizes! STREET FIGHTER ARCADE STICKS, POSTERS, MANY MANY MANY EXTRAS!

(Basically, 3s works like this at MWC in 2006: The top 6 players, 4 in winners and 2 in losers will make it to Sunday’s Finals. Your record will be ERASED for Sunday’s Finals, and the final 2 from the RE-ENTRY tournament will qualify for Sunday’s finals as well. The RE-ENTRY tournament is $5, and will take place IMMEDIATELY following the first 3s tournament)

12PM- Guilty Gear XX #SLASH (PlayStation 2) Console
Console (3 console stations, 1 actual Arcade cabinet for casuals)
2/3 matches, $10 entry fee + 60/30/10 split + $200-300 EXTRA for TOP 5 PLAYERS.

7pm-Capcom VS SNK 2
Arcade, 2/3 matches, 2 cabinets, $10 entry fee + 60/30/10 split + unknown extra prizes!

Sunday, June 18th

12PM-Street Fighter III: Third Strike FINALS (Top 8)

12pm-Dead or Alive 4 (on XBOX 360) (Tentative, if enough people show, and JINMASTER is there to run the tournament.)
Console, 2/3 matches, 1 cabinet, 3/5 grand finals only, $10 entry fee, 60/30/10 split + unknown extra prizes!

12PM-Tekken 5.0 (Arcade with PS2 controller ports) 2/3 matches, $10 entry fee + 60/30/10 split + unknown extra prizes! Extra money is probable for this tournament.

There is a $10 cover charge for your FIRST tournament. If you enter one tournament, it will be $10 + cost of that tournament. Let’s say you enter 3 tournaments: MVC2, CVS2, and 3s. Cost will be $40 for the three tournaments total! There is also a $2 charge to get into the arcade because all of the games RUN ON NICKELS. Let me repeat this once again for many of you who never show up to MWC, the GAMES RUN ON NICKELS. It does not cost 50 cents to play MVC2 or 3s to practice. Everything is cheap and affordable. There is a full service snack bar, lodging at Red Roof INN across the street, and the arcade has LOADS of fighting games and free play games!

There will be minor updates to this thread, but for the most part, this is the normal schedule…if you have any questions, please post.

UPDATE 2/19, Just added #RELOAD to the schedule for Saturday. There are TWO Guilty Gear tournaments, one for RELOAD and one for SLASH.

UPDATE 2/23, Changed Tekken 5.1 to 5.0.

UPDATE 4/6, SIGNUPS with 15% off pricing now in effect. Super Turbo is now $10 entry.

UPDATE 4/27, CANCELLED #Reload, tournament is ONLY for SLASH now, DOA4 is tentative, anc I changed the times for SUnday and added prize info.

Nearest Airport-
Chicago O’Hare

VISIT www.hotgamestuff for all of the latest video game accessories, AND to sign up for the 2006 MIdwest Fighting Game Championships!

Guys, we are giving away and extra $2000 in cash and prizes for all of these games, plus everything runs on nickels, 40 games on free play, more arcade machines than any tournament this year, and some of the top competition in the US is coming to this…Justin Wong, Ricky Ortiz and many others will be attending once again…

If you are a Guilty Gear SLASH or 3rd Strike fan, MOST of the BIG money and PRIZES are going to those tournaments!!! DOn’t miss out on the 13th MWC!

Phil I will get some of the DOA Players from Chicago to run DOA4, so you don’t have to worry about that alright, and I will also help run it myself just to make sure things go smoothly.


vote on speed 3 or 4? this is the worst idea i’ve ever heard of… What if I go (since i’m really only going for cvs2) and a bunch of dickheads who don’t know about the game want it on speed 4? Make speed 3 official plz… also how many people need to enter each tournament for you to add money to the prize pool?

UCRollerblader: If you and Albert go, I’ll make SURE it will be on speed 3.

AS for extra money, we are giving away extra joysticks, posters, and all sorts of other stuff. If you want more than the prize loot, it’s going to take 32 to do it.

ok i love you:lovin:

is Juicy going to be Running Slash? if so can he do 3on3 Team Tourney BEFORE Singles? Since that is the EVO Format for Slash!

Still no DR???

No DR this year…unless somehow we can get 2-3 DR machines without having to pay for it.
I will be running slash this year, and a possible team tourney before hand if there’s enough interest.


Believe it or not I’ll probably enter slash.

Unfortunately as predicted there is still little or no chance that Nickel City will be getting DR. I am suprised they bought Tekken 5 in the first place.

i dont think there is going to be a big tournament for T5… only cuz everyone is gonna complain about it… me… i dont have a problem with it… just other people do (cuz they dont know how to block)… so PLEASE try getting DR…:sad: :sad: :sad:

Make CvS2 a real tourney wtf!!

True Karate: ??? CVS2 has always been posted.

As for DR, unless someone has arcade machines coming out of the woodwork…it’ll be Tekken 5, just like PS2, but on arcade!

Thought you had 5.1 at NC if not well ill still throw myself too the lions and enjoy it!!! And if i can get some GG then im all for it practice ahoy!!!

They’ll downgrade the machine for the tournament.

I think it’s the only 5.1 machine left in the midwest hahahaha

officially registered.

Now I just need that Paypal link so I can get signed up for 3S and Slash…

yeah, me to

Cheap bus rates, thanks to Seth Killian for bringing this to my attention!


SUPER fucking cheap bus far to/from Chicago for a bunch of surrounding cities. The ultra-deal is only for Chicago, so seems perfect for MWC.

Where is teh prereg thread guys?

Heidern: www.hotgamestuff.com

sry cant find where to sign up?

so NKI,DT,wong,and ricky are the only big names so far?

where can i get a close hotel near nickel?