[update] WTS: DC, DC Games, other random games


Alright, I need money fast, so not only have a chopped my prices but I also including one of my Dreamcasts. Things to note about the system: comes with one controller and cords. The original F1 resistor blew out and has been replaced with one to handle a greater ohm level. In addition to this, the orange LED has been swapped out with a white one, and for randomness, it even has a LAN adapter. Works perfectly, and was the system all the DC games were tested on. To remind people, the DC games do not have cases or manuals and are in used but PERFECT working condition. Finally, I am selling one of my extra copies of Guilty Gear XX Accent Core and my blacklabel copy of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Both work perfectly and come with their respective cases and manuals.

-DC system includes cords and controller + LAN Adapter
-No Manuals or Cases
-Typical wear, some worse than others
-All games run perfectly
-No 09’ buyers :lovin:
-No Refunds
-$3 Shipping, flat rate

Dreamcast = $40 SOLD

MvC2 (US) = $30 SOLD
CvS2 w/ Extra Disc (JP) = $20
Tech Romancer (US) = $10
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (US) = $15 SOLD
DoA2 Special Edition (JP) = $10
MotW (US) = $20 SOLD
GGX (JP) = $10
Puzzle Fighter 2X (JP) = $10
Rez (EU) = $20

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (PS2 US) = $15
Castlevania: SOTN = $25 SOLD

Please PM, first come first serve basis, thank you for your interest.


Yeah…sorry guys :stuck_out_tongue:

great games. i wanted to pick up the lot but prices are too rich for my blood.

People actually buy dreamcast games?

Considering it’s one of the best game systems of all times for fighting games and shmups, then yes.

Well I just figured the piracy rate for dreamcast was extremely high seeing how all you need to do is have a stack of CD-Rs. Well, reconsidering, I guess people enjoy having original copies of things, I sorta just overlooked that idea haha.

Pitch me a new price, we can work something out :smiley:

The piracy rate is fairly high, but you also have to remember that only certain models of the Dreamcast play the backups/out of region without modification.

I want to work out some kind of bundle, but I have to wait for payday next friday, if these are still available then

Ohhh I didn’t know that… Hmm… My dreamcast can play backups just fine stand-alone, I just thought that was normal. I wonder if I could sell my dreamcast for a good amount because of that?

Probably not. The dreamcast sold a ton of units in its first year, and the early ones are the best ones. I don’t think they’re all that hard to find.

I still have my Dreamcast bought on the 9/9/99 day of release in the U.S.

Sega rocks.

Playing backups isn’t exactly good for your dreamcast either.

I’ve got a NES emulator disc that I play all the time on that same release day Dreamcast. Going on 10 years I’ve had the system now and never had a problem.

The GD-Rom laser does a lot of work on any disc, regardless of whether it’s a backup, I don’t know that I would say it does anything worse to it.

Lower quality cdrs causes the laser strain. Common knowledge.

I’m interested in Tech Romancer, :O. I just wish you had the case :<.

Well it should be common knowledge not to burn stuff you’ll be using often with shit CDRs anyway. But anyway, done hijacking this thread with off-topic stuff.

I’m still interested in Garou. Waiting on some money to come in and I’ll pm you.

Wait, before we end the hi-jack One more dreamcast item I need rectified. What’re you supposed to do when the CD drive stops spinning? I recall I’m supposed to open it up and push something or clean something, but I am fuzzy on the details

Bump for new prices and items

can you hold dreamcast please.

you need money fast but you’re unwilling to sell to 09? :frowning: