UPDATED 02-06-03: Posting Guidelines for Stratigies and Tactics (READ THIS FIRST)


Posting Guidelines for Strategies and Tactics (READ THIS FIRST)

Rules in Strategy and Tactics (The rules in above go in affect right now, so read them.)

  1. All games can now be posted in this forum, with the EXCEPTION of MvC2, 3rd Strike, and CvS2. Please make only strategical threads. Non capcom games are now ALLOWED in here, such as Tekken, GGXX, etc. Also remember to label them correctly, if it’s not, it’ll be closed w/o warning and then deleted within a 24 hour period or so.

  2. Search before you post. I see 100 magneto threads all the time. Please search before you post “I NEED HELP WITH MAGNETO”. Doing so saves repost of the same thing and helps a thread grow and mature.

  3. NO FLAMING! If anyone makes a post please respect it. Dont flame them cause they feel a certain way about a character or match up. I.E Hibiki vs. Sagat if they feel Hibiki is better in this match respect that. If you dont agree post a counter post on it. BUT DONT FLAME OTHERS!

  4. NO POSTING THE FOLLOWING, VIDEO REQUEST, AVATAR REQUEST, Which character is the coolest, etc, etc. These post are pointless and dont belong in strategy and tactics.

  5. NOTHINGS CHEAP: If I see any post that say "cable is so cheap or "Blanka in cvs2 is cheap I will close them. Nothing is cheap except hamburgers. If you feel strongly about things being cheap then go to www.gamefaqs.com and discuss it there.

  6. No games other then core street fighter games. I will move king of fighters, fatal fury, tekken, etc, etc if it isnt a street fighter game. These threads will be moved to fighting game discussion were they belong.

  7. NO Bumping topics. Bump messages ARE spam and will be deleted.

  8. Do not ask the mod who closed your thread or why it was closed, because if you read the rules, you wouldn’t have to ask.

If any of these rules are not honored while in strategy and tactics I will either close the thread or move them. If its something extreme like racist posting or spamming the forums over and over with 100 “I own u” posts expect to be banned. Now if any problems happen like this feel free to PM me on srk and I will tackle the problem ASAP.

If threads are a waste of my time, they are subject to immediate deletion.

If posts are uninformative, they are subject to immediate deletion.



  1. Its easier to search for Marvel vs. Capcom or Capcom vs. SNK material if all the games have MVC2: or CVS2: in its title.
  2. Some folks say I cant search for Ken cause its only 3 letters and the search engine wont allow it. Well if it had CVS2: Ken it would work.
  3. Some times folks will say “I need ken help”. Some times soneone one will spend a lot of time posting Ken tactics for cvs only to find out the guy meant marvel.


If you guys are gonna make a new thread on a certain character, PLEASE Private Message me, or Geekboy so we can update the other list. I don’t think this is so hard.
Why do this? Because I don’t wanna check back and forward, I might see a thread that is new and assume that it already exist and close it and possibly delete it. Thanks for the co-operation.


All threads that are closed will remain closed for 24 hours or so and after it will be deleted. I’m trying to make searching easier.

Don’t forget also, if you can’t find the link in Dasrik’s thread, there’s a chance you might find it using the Search Tool at the very bottom of the forum page. It searches for what you’re looking for in this specific forum, try it out.

DASRIK’s links still work
if there are any broken links, please PM me and tell me which links are broken, thanks.

ALSO later on down the line, there will be a section for other links, such as Vampire Saviors, etc… if there are enough threads and people PM me with the link.