**UPDATED 2/28/14** DEZALB's For Sale Thread....(wireless 360pcb/manga/ps2(3) games/etc)


So im selling afew things i have laying around or dont need. Trying to get some cash to go towards my a neo geo cabinet/conversion project i want to start. I will be updating this thread with random stuff as I decided I dont need it. Prefer money(paypal) but i do have a list of possible trades I would be interested in.

Hori t6 360 wireless pcb
I have a hori tekken 6 stick i will be using the case for a project. Its in perfect working order, Just pulled it out today, will include battery compartment and mini pcbs.
$10 plus shipping

Sony DS3 pad
His pad is in rough shape, the left stick is stuck, but other than that it works and holds charge. Perfect for a wireless stick project.
$10 plus shipping

WTT 7 Sanwa Buttons for Seimitsu
Got these to try them out since i hadnt used sanwas in forever. i played on them for less than 40mins and decided im sticking a seimitsu buttons. Would like to trade for 6 Seimitsu PS14GN© or PS14KNs

PS2 games
PS2 died on me so getting rid of acouple of games. Games may have minor scratches, tried to get a pic of each disc but its hard to see. Dont affect gameplay.(disc pic are in same order as game order in first pic)
Games are $12 shipped each (CVS 2 and Alpha SOLD)

Killzone Trilogy
Bought this game when it came out, played it for a week and then got distracted with fighters. Games arent scratched.
$24 shipped

NIB Vampire Knights DVD
Still in packaging, Vampire Knight Guilty disc 3 (episodes 9-13)
$12 shipped

I have some various manga I need to sell to make space for manga im currently reading
This is all 5 volumes. They are in decent shape, no writing or markings on the inside.
$24 shipped

Volumes 1-4, in great shape, no writing or markings inside.
$20 shipped

Dragon Drive
Volumes 1-3, great shape, no markings or writing in them
$16 shipped

Zombie Powder
One of my personal favorites, All 4 volumes of a uncompleted series. Great shape as the others
$23 shipped

Prices are OBO but dont make dumb offers plz
Prefer paypal for payment

TRADES im looking for
(if trade isnt equal in value we can work out the difference)
-Neo Geo MVS carts
-Super Famicom/SNES carts
-Seimitsu Buttons
-Seimitu LS40

Item Sold

Hori Tekken 5 Joystick- Slaycruz
Agetec Dreamcast- Ronin_ryu
Crown-303 Joystick- Ikagi-Chan
Sanwa jlf and Seimitsu vf plate- Ronin-ryu
Sony Sixaxis pad- bolt9289
Ps2 CVS2- TenderTorcher
ps2 Alpha Anthology- Chikalin






i have replied to all pms, im out of the house right now so i will provide shipping quotes either tonight or tomorrow when i make it back in from out of town.

as far as the T5 stick goes slaycruz is first in line with ronin second and epic third




t5 stick and crown stick are gone


Other than the sticky buttons is there anything else wrong with the PS3 pad?


nope, it works. Its just a old pad that i used before i started playing on stick more. If your interested i could always take it on training mode to make sure nothing else is wrong beside sticky buttons.


Sounds good, PM incoming soon


Mounting plates and Agetec case are gone

pnoy- I played some tekken with the sixaxis today, everything worked


Just wanted to chime in and say that I got my Crown 303-FK in the mail just fine. Thanks DEZALB!


Got the hori T5 stick with no issues well packed and awesome communication… highly recommended :slight_smile:


PM sent…


Sixaxis sold and updated items and thread info


Added manga, games, pcb
Help me fund my cabinet project guys…
Might possibly add a mossberg 500 stock if its allowed. wont know until later


PM sent.


CVS2 and Alpha Anthology sold. Made acouple price drops too


Received SFA Anthology today. Great condition and works fine; also, got here in two days. Thanks!


Received CVS2 earlier this week. Several days after I paid for it!