UPDATED (3/10/2012) "This will be over in a nanosecond" - UMvC3 QuickQuestion/QuickAnswer

I decided to make this thread for any commonly asked questions or if somebody has a quick question they want to ask they can do so here, instead of making a new thread.

Old Vanilla Questions and Answers – 2/9/2011



1. Is Zero top tier?

  • As of today (2/9/2011) the game is not even out to all public, so all statements about Zero being good/bad are only speculations and might change in the future as the game evolves. Also remember once the first tier list is out, remember the results are only temporal and will be updated as the game progresses.

2. What does [insert move] does?

  • You should refer to the main Zero thread or SRK Wiki for information on Zero’s moves.

3. Does Soungenmu power-up stays if Zero switches?

  • Yes.

4. Are there any character guides on how to play the character? [UPDATED 10/21/2011]

  • You can find some tutorials in the video thread. If looking for a video tutorial on how to do an specific combo, look for it in the combo thread(s).

5. Want to make a Zero avatar with his official art, where can I find it?

6. Where is the “general Zero thread”?

7. Does Zero has a lv.3 super?

  • Like I mentioned above, any move list question should be answered by looking at the general thread or the Shoryuken Wiki. But yes, he does have one.

8. How much health does Zero have?

  • He has 800 health, the 2nd lowest in the game. Tied with Amaterasu, Akuma, and Arthur. Very near (25-50 points) to X-23, Magneto, Storm, Chun-Li, and Trish.

9. Can Zero link 2 Rekkoukas with a XFC (X-Factor Cancel or KFC)?

  • Yes, can do it both mid screen and in the corner.

10. What do Zero’s colors represent?

  • The Black represents Bass or Zero’s black armor. Blue resembles X from the Megaman X series. And the blue with red color most porbably represents Axl (even do some people say it can also represent Strider Hiryu).


11. What is Zero’s best assist?

  • Like all characters in the game, it is personal preference. “a” is a decent “get off me” assist, “b” is a projectile but it not good at all, and “y” is a very short combo extender but travels good distance. (none of the assists OTG) Zero’s assist really shine once he activates Sougenmu do. “a” becomes a very good srk assist hitting a lot of times and twice of what it originally did. “b” becomes one of Zero’s best assist, if not his best. It shoots 2 Hadangeki fireballs that can help possibly every character in the game to zone and to rushdown. (similar to Sent drones) His “y” assist becomes a better combo extender and helps keep pressure better than before.

12. What is Zero’s alternate costume gonna be?

  • Not yet announced.

13. What is Zero’s best combo?

  • Like all characters, there is no best combo. There are a lot of different combos that fit different situations. Like continuing a combo after an air-grab or maybe a stronger combo in the corner. For all of your combo/reset questions, go to the official combo thread.

14. What are some good strategies against (insert character)?


15. Storm keeps dropping out of the Shippuga Loop! How can I fix this?

  • Some characters have this problem, the main way you can fix this is by doing the loop faster. With this I mean not letting all of the hits of your s.:h:s hit so Shippuga doesn’t send them too high into the air for the next s.:l: to hit. If you’re using cr.:h:, it would be best for you to do a quick s.:h: instead of a cr.:h: in the second loop, this many times fixes the problem.

16. UMVC3! YES! Any changes for Zero?

  • The changes for Zero can be found on the UMVC3 changes thread. Some of these changes include Lv.3 Buster Shot not being a hard knockdown on hit anymore.

17. New colors for Zero, where can I find them? [UPDATED 10/21/2011]

18. What are some good partners with Zero?

  • Dormammu, Doom, Dante, Sentinel, and Amaterasu are the most commonly used. For other good partners and discussion go to the team thread and ask about your team.

19. Will Zero and Nemesis be good partners?

  • We don’t know yet due to UMVC3 not even being released yet. We can sometimes theory fight with Zero being a good/bad partner with the announced characters (Ghost Rider, Strider, Hawkeye, Firebrand), but nothing is really true until we get our hands with the game.

20. Where can I find videos of Zero like tutorials, combo videos, etc.******?

  • In the video thread…

21. I don’t have the official MVC3 guide, so where can I find Zero’s frame data?
Zero Frame Data

22. Who is the best Zero player of all time? I want to see some videos of him/her and ask him/her questions!

  • Well, I can’t really answer that seeing how few Zero players there are and how good they all are. If you really want to see videos/ask them questions, here are some of the more regulars members that could probably answer your questions: Nina Heart, Eviltoasteroffp, AvariceX, xS A M U R A Ix, Dark Sonic, DukeSharp and myself (Kef). So start a conversation with them so you can get all kinds of help.

23. What’s the Steb combo extension?

  • It’s basically an extension to the end of your combo that allows for a Setsuizan at the end of the combo to hard knockdown. This is done by OTGing with Setsuizan while calling an assist that hits long enough for you to do a s.:s: without causing the character to launch into the air. So after the s.:s: you continue with j.Lv.3 Buster>:l: Raikouzen>TK Setsuizan and then land Rekkoha. This is very important to land big damage and is probably gonna be a necessity in UMVC3 (seeing how Lv.3 Buster doesn’t hard knockdown anymore).

24. Why is Dante-a and Zero-a so great together?

  • Ryuenjin gives very good combo extensions to Dante’s combos, while Jam Sessions gives amazing combo extension to Zero’s combos. Jam Session can control the places where Zero is most vulnerable and help him to zone with buster. Jam Session can setup cross-ups with Zero’s teleport dashes. After a Rekkouha, DHCing into Devil Trigger makes Dante do a lot of damage, and proceed to Million Dollars afterwards if needed. After Million Dollars in the corner, Zero can start “Ride the Lightning” loops as long as you want. Jam Session allows Zero to combo of a forward air grab and a ground forward grab in the corner. The amount of meter they both get thanks to each other is ridiculous. The combination is so great that people in the forums usually say “Anything with Zero/Dante is a great team”.

**UMVC3 (UPDATED - 3/10/2012) **

1. Can Zero still do _____ combo?

  • Zero has new BnBs feautring dat new buster cancel. For any new combos go to the combo thread and ask what combos would be the best with your team’s assist.

2. Can Zero cancel his specials into Lv.1 or Lv.2 buster shots?

  • No.

3. What are people talking about? I’ve heard Zero can shoot diagonally up now?

  • Not exactly. Thanks to specials being now cancelled with buster shot, Zero can cancel a :h: Raikouzen into buster. This makes the Raikouzen shoot by itself without Zero following it, allowing you to “shoot” any strenght Raikouzens.

4. Can you mash Rekkouha for more damage?

  • No.

5. Has Zero’s alternate costume being shown yet?

  • Yes. It’s a costume resembling Megaman X. It’s now available on the PSN and XBL Stores.

6. Where can I find Zero’s new colors?

7. Does Sougenmu build meter now?

  • Nope.

8. Is Zero Top Tier?

  • As of 3/10/2012, he’s widely considered Top Tier. Some players say he’s the best, some say Top 3, some say he’s only worse to Viper, but 85% of players agree he’s one of the Top 5 characters in the game.

9. What makes Zero Top Tier?

  • Amazing normals with great range, a fast projectile that helps keep the pressure and zone at the same time while keeping control of the air, lighting cancels that feel the screen with hitboxes, tons of damage with his Lighting Loop and new OTG Buster Cancels, great incoming character mix-ups with assists, his best assist and partner in crime being another Top Tier character (Dante with Jam Session), small hurtbox, 4 frame close cr.:l: and 3 frame Lv.3 Buster, Sougenmu unblockables, good mobility in the air, etc. Great matchups all around also thanks to his ability to zone good as well.

10. What are some bad things about Zero?

  • Needs air dashing for his main offense, which is now very punishable because you can’t block during the animation. Low health makes zoning teams’ job easier. Generally doesn’t do that well against good zoners, nor he does well against teams with a zoner and Vajra assist.

11. So does he has bad matchups?

  • Go to the matchup thread, because anything I say is just personal opinion. It’s better to get opinions from a lot of people so you can later make your own. Others thread to check out is the main UMVC3 Grand Tier List Thread in the main UMVC3 forums (by DevilJin)

12. What are some good players to watch?

  • Flocker (Zero/Vergil/Hawkeye), MegamanSteve (Zero/Deadpool/Akuma), Mihe AKA Sam’s Club (Zero/Vergil/Dante AKA Love Triangle), LIME from Japan (Zero/Dante/Vergil), Frieda from Japan (Zero/Dante/Magneto), Chrisis (Viper/Zero/Strider).

13. What’s his best assist?

  • Ryuenjin gives a Crossover Counter that you can combo from using Sougenmu, and Hadangeki powered up with Sougenmu throws double fireballs which could help your team once Zero DHCs to safety.

14. I am having trouble against _____ matchup!

  • Go to the matchup thread and discuss over there. Also, if you happen to find a post in that thread useful, please PM (personal message me) me so I can add it to the front page of the thread.

15. Best partners for Zero?

  • Generally consider to be Dante, Sentinel, Vergil, and Doom. Many other characters are also really good such as Taskmaster, Amaterasu, Hawkeye, it just depends on the tech we’ve found at the moment and how their assists can be implemented in Zero’s game. There’s also a team thread so you can discuss with some other players about who’s Zero best partners or for them to recommend you who to put in the last spot on your Zero team.

16.Where can I see Zero videos?

  • Go to Nini Heart’s channel (kbkoolio), AvariceX’s channel (fatAvariceX), DarkHadouX’s channel (DarkdahouX), or my channel (KefPringlez) to see videos. You can also go to the video thread and look up even more channels/videos.

Reserve 2.

Please Pm if you’re making a new thread such as the Video thread, Match-Up, Tips, PSN and XBLA player finder, or any other thread so I can later refer to them.

What are Zero’s air mobility options? (Kinda carried over from other thread)

Zero doesn’t have an 8-way air dash. He has both a forward air dash and back air dash. He can also be able to cover distance quickly across the screen with Raikousen (lighting dive) and fall quickly to the ground with Sentsuizan (green airdive). His ground dash is move cancel able and one of the versions can go through the opponent. Someone can also add or correct any of this.

i feel stupid for asking, but is the air dive an overhead?

The green dive (qcf.A in the air) is not an overhead.

When he is in his clone super (or Genei Jin whatever you wanna call it.)

Do his normals do chip while he is in that mode?

What version of Hadangeki is his assist?

Normals don’t do chip.

H-Hadangeki =o

More on Zeros command dash.
On the ground:
L - Short ground dash
M - Far ground dash
H - A steep upward dash that goes back down very steep. Think upside down V.

In Air:
L - Makes zero go straight down
M - Dash forward in air
H - Same as ground Hard command dash just in the air.

These could possibly be very good for combos.

that changed since tvc? I thought people were talkin About TK green dive for an instant overhead of sorts.

the light version of green air dive is a fake. FYI

Yeah that one. From what I’ve seen the TK Green Dive is not an overhead. But I’ve not played TVC nor MVC3 yet, but I did see footage one of I think Ryu blocking it low.

EDIT: Just resaw, the TK Green Dive never made any contact with Ryu. Has to be tested then.

I would hope you could do a tk green dive fro an instant overhead. Mainly because zero has no overhead options as far as normals go.
Im really interested in how his command dash works in this game and how it could lead to big setups and combos.

In TvC it was pretty good leading to big corner combos and good mixup with assists. It also allowed zero to be safe with his hard version Example: blockstring to hard command dash. I hope this one is more “controllable”.

I think Smexy said Zero had an instant overhead in the other thread, he would have to explain that better.

H version of the command dash is a air overhead if you press H b4 landing it cancels into J.H
not very fast IMO
but useful if you use that custom combo super thing
I speeds everything up so you can try some mix ups

If you are close with the H version it will cross up
If not to far it might cross if not it will land in front of player


Yea L TK green dive is a fake

I have the game now so ask questions i will try help the best i can

Some personal ones.

  1. Can you cancel the launcher into command dash?
  2. Is his DP assist really that bad? we kind of had mixed opinions from players.
  3. How much damage the combo Marn explained do? (without X-Factor or anything)
  4. What is his jumping spiral attack that crosses up, j.H, j.M?
  1. What do yo mean? Do you mean just launch then dash? if so yea you can
  2. I think its ok no great is it ment to be a AA? feels more like a combo extender its what you like really compared to others in the game it ain’t as good
    3 i can’t do this yet :rofl: but i am working on it
  3. it is J.H. , command dash with H can be canceled into it

Ok sweet on the H dash I was wondering if it gave you a little more time to do attacks out of it. TvC version didnt really allow you to very well.