**Updated 5/17** ONE thread about performing and application of the RSF/Punch Loop

I’m happy. Yesterday A Tuesday, was the first time I was able to do Fierce xx Run stop fierce, twice in a row

My consistency with fierce run slide is improving.

I’m friggin hype now.

So, is it brutally hard to land RSF on Dan? I fish for focus attacks against him, and when I get it, he crumples in a way that the first fierce always whiffs. I also seem to remember he has some weird hitbox on crossup fierce, too. What’s the deal?

He is one of those people where you have to wait until they crumple all the way down to their knees before you can hit them.

finally able to do fp xx run xx stop xx fp fairly consistanly now. working on getting the slide for the last part but until then i’ve been doing q-bomb.

Ok, right now, I’m at a wall. I can focus crumple, get 2 RSF’s, then the 3rd one for whatever reason just comes out as a normal fierce and not even a close fierce.

I can’t even tell if I’m doing it too fast or too slow. Not sure. I notice that Ryu gets a little far away, so again, I can’t really tell.

There are alot of repeat questions in here, I’m just going to list everything that can go wrong with run stop fierce and what you’re doing wrong if it happens

  1. far fierce comes out: this means that you either didn’t run far enough before stopping, or that you are waiting too long between the stop and the fierce.

  2. close fierce comes out, but fails to combo: you waited too long between the stop and the fierce, or you ran too far before stopping.

  3. you run stops, then nothing comes out at all: this means you didn’t wait long enough between your stop and your fierce. It is very possible and easy to stop then fierce too fast before the stop has time to actually finish, this takes a few frames. The timing is fast, but a little slower than a kara throw.

  4. a fajita buster comes out: this means you hit the stop and the fierce at the same time or you hit fierce before you stopped.

  5. your slide at the end goes through the opponent: this happens at times to some characters, it won’t happen if you do enough loops to push yourself out more. So if this is happening do more loops and it won’t.

  6. your slide at the end fails to combo: time the roundhouse press. press it once. don’t mash

it’s all about rhythm guys, learn the rhythm and the combo is not hard at all. Even someone with pretty weak execution, myself, can do it consistently. Anyone can do a 3 or 4 hit fierce loop every time if they put some time in it.

Thanks for the tips BlueGuile! I will have to start putting more training time into learning the RSF.

Does this happen to anyone? i know its my execution but a lot of times i end of getting a crouching fierce on my 3rd hit…

Obviously im hitting the fp while performing the fb motion on the joystick, just wondering if it happens to anyone else…

nonetheless i can consistantly get 2 hits and a slide… on my own happ joystick though, anyone have issue getting the timing right on other sticks IE TE’s etc…my local meetup place uses mainly TE and customs hard to transition to sanwas when i use my happ at home, though my sanwa FS3 is almost done!

I can’t imagine anyone to be able to perform RSF as well on a different stick than the one they are used to.

I myself have switched from using LP run (for 4 months) to MP run and my consistency has improved pretty quickly. The max number of fierces I can do hasn’t changed much, though.

This happens to me almost all the time. It’s ridiculous. It happens to me often for other characters too, though… it’s just a problem with how I learned SF motions. For example, doing Rufus’ standing HP to tornado, I often get crouching fierce out. It takes a deliberate effort on my part to have that not happen, and sometimes I’ll just get standing HP with no tornado. :annoy: On the “plus” side, though, at least cr.HP usually combos at the end of a RSF loop for an extra hit if you messed it up.

Also, halcyon, you should also mention that if you get a fajita buster out, it’s also possible you didn’t wait long enough into the run animation to try stopping, so the stop doesn’t register and then pressing fierce gives you fajita buster. This is one of my biggest issues with executing RSF, and a more common cause of fajita buster than the other two, IMO.

I was stuck on 2 maximum for ages, finally got my first 3 today. This loop is so stupid >.> lol

Just wondering for those that got the Fuerte’s punch loop down; how long did it take in terms of practicing before you go this combo down pretty consistently?

I have a hard time finishing the combo with slide sometimes. Double tapping rh with a sweep of your fingers helps me a lot.

ive been practicing rsf and right now i can only 4 at max, quick question, does the qcf motion after fierce have a major role with the RSF loop? or its ok as long as its a cancel?

As long as it’s a cancel it’s perfect.
The hard part is timing LP ~ HP. The window between this should be 3 frames and the HP should hit as late as possible.

ahh thanks~

off to practice :slight_smile:

i think im getting the rhytm ^^ i can pretty much do it 3 times with 90% accuracy, i know it’s still not good, ill practice more ^^


OMG after getting the rhytm, RSF loop became easier >< i did 7 fierces earlier that’s in training though ><

I used to have that problem too. I do that sometimes on P1 side still. I had to change how I did it mentally. I treat the the whole input as a half circle forward + jab. I replace the back input with fierce so I hit fierce while I’m standing. So it’s like… fierce,db,d,df,f + jab … It doesn’t matter if you hit back + fierce at the same time either.

Hopefully it helps.

not sure if this has been talked about before, but is the RSF much easier on some characters? i know on bigger chars it is, but for some reason it seems vega is a lot easier to RSF. i can get 4-5 consistently on shoto, but with vega it seems like you can do so many so easily.