**Updated 5/17** ONE thread about performing and application of the RSF/Punch Loop

Did you see the video when he did it slow first? Because theres two different clips… one starts off slow 3x’s then fast … then theres one that starts the normal speed… try to do the motion with the video (sounds funny but sorta works for some heh)…Or try furiousjudo’s post above,that method works well too!..

do you have xbl maybe i can help gief or others, its a simple combo but getting above 4 is crazy in the fact the timing and char specifics hit me up

yeah what universe said is true i really depends on what character your trying to do it on because of the hit box…so the question is what character are you trying to do it on? …and if you have x2 hits then keep doing 2 for a while (couple of weeks or so) make sure your not mashing it ya know… then when you feel comfortable do x2 then QCF to the slide…this helps because then you train your hands to hit QCF more than twice…it will become a constant rhythm… once you get comfortable with x2 to slide…post the progress man,i will give you the next step that helped me…it all takes time so dont give up

yeah like i would start writing tips and the videos are good but with this combo it only goes so far written down, like sometimes focus are harder, chars,timing … position etc, way easier explained and show

yeah i just got 7 myself ken has a weird reaction he bends back funny when hit the first time but after that he tightens up and you can just repeat it, but you have to wait a sec after the first fp

if you hold down focus make sure you level 3 him you get more time making the rsf easier when you focus there is no difference in the hit timing for all the hits

i find it easier to practice with out focus

I learnt this by starting off doing it really slowly. Set the CPU to auto block.
You should start by making sure that each HP connects, even if its blocked.

Once you have a slow loop going, you can start to speed it up bit by bit.

If a fajita buster comes out, its because you pressed HP too fast without cancelling the run.

If the HP is blocked, you didn’t press it quick enough.

Zangief your from the philippines right? maybe i can help, if we ever met on an arcade or something, back when i was learning the RSF i didnt have a hard time linking 2 fierces, like most of the fuerte users here have said, the critical part is your 2nd fierce, it must be “deep”. after that there’s a constant timing for the loop, anyway after getting the timing for 3 loops its easier to do 4-6 fierces. Im not that good though with RSF, I only do 4 fierces to a slide as my B&B

It’s hard to tell someone what the timing is for this combo in words without showing them in person. For me, it’s all about rythm when doing the loop, which is learned timing.

I’d really suggest starting with Close FP canceled into Run (I use jab) then tap jab a second time. Do it so you can run and almost instantly stop, then from there start throwing in the Second FP. Timing is almost diferent online than it is offline since the game will always lag online, regardless of it being noticeable or not. Still, once you get it down there shouldn’t be much of an issue transitioning it on or offline.

I randomly play El Fuerte online and can do the loop, although not very high, but can still help out if anybody wants. SRKmagnus on Xbox live, send me a message of who you are so that I don’t delete FR thinking they are random people.

well man im amped for ya… now just practice 3 hits to slide like 10x’s or so on each side everyday for a while… then next thing you kno you will be hitting x6! word! keep it up

n0thinman gave me some nice tips to RSF the other day (thanks!), I just now need to put it into LOTS of practice

I honestly have not read through this entire thread and I’m sure what he told me has been mentioned already.

Having said that, he basically broke down the RSF so that I’m piecing it together little by little, slowly but surely until I can do it at full speed.

He basically told me to do FP -> Run (no Stop) repeatedly on the CPU in Training Mode until I’m comfortable with it.

Then add in the Stop.

Then increase the speed until it’s constant.

He did mention the rhythm for it but it’s kinda blurry to me and he says that ultimately it should click after you practice it awhile and that the RSF isn’t as fast as you think it is to execute.

When I was playing him, he would RSF me 5-7 times easy, I don’t think he ever messed up and almost always ended into slide.

Btw, I think my max RSF is currently at 3 (not consistent at all mind you).

I practice about 15min a per day since 3 weeks. Yesterday i did 4-5 loops with 3 HP each ! So don’t think it’s impossible, try again and again and it’ll works :slight_smile:

Shit. I didn’t see your private message before.

The key to improving your consistency is to switch to using QCF+MP. Better now than later. Seriously, do it!

Just practise whenever you feel like it. Try to use 2xHP into slide in matches.

The rhythm stops at the QCF+MP. Check out the 10-rep loop in my vid. Because of input lag, start-up frames, etc, you can hear the press of the 3rd button in the loop (QCF+MP) at the same time as you see the HP hitting.

As for HP xx run: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?p=7397343#post7397343

quick question, is the RSF loop possible to execute on fight pad? I have a stick im trying to get used to but in the mean time was trying to learn the timing and stuff on my pad. Also if it is possible, do any of you know if i can use all three punches as a substitute for FP since its closer than the actual FP on my pad?

Thanks in advance!~

Alright, I’m in need of some encouragement/help here x.x;; I’ve been practicing the RSF for some time now, and today i’ve managed to pull of 3 hit consistently. However, this was on Zangief. And seeing as he has a huge hitbox it’s easier on him, right? So I just switched him over to Ken and I can hardly land 2 consistently, wth? I know that all charc. are different and that it can effect the RSF, but doing it on ken seems impossible. Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated, because I feel like I’m starting over from scratch again >.>;;

thanks, n0s.

Read back 1 or 2 pages.

hello guys
my problam to do more than 3 hits is that to cancel the run after a punch. i need to puch 2 time the lp buttom to cancel.
with that method i never get more then 3 hits i tryed alot of things now.
practicing to do that “rythem” thing didn’ work yet, caus i feel i got a bad timing becaus i lernd it on my way and that was actually wrong how i did it.
have anyone a tip how to know when i should cancel the run or something else?

Hmm… press page up once and read my post.

thanks brianz, first time i heard about that mp run thing

edit: ueeh. i still don’t get it, brianz could you please post what i should push for the rsf loop?
right now i do it like that:
Hp qcf mp, lp, hp qcf mp, lp, hp

something wrong with it?

So has anyone figured out the timing for RSF at the arcade? I can’t figure it out for squat.