**Updated 5/17** ONE thread about performing and application of the RSF/Punch Loop

The timing for the third hit is only different from the second if you timed the second hit wrong. The second hit doesn’t give you a good sense of the overall timing. It can still be done in the corner.

That is the most beautiful, most graceful display of RSF I’ve seen. :amazed:

On a side note, what is the world record for most fierces done by any player in an RSF? I remember watching the TKD interview where it was mentioned that Poongko and TKD have done 15 reps on Boxer. Just wondering if the record’s been broken since.

[media=youtube]bmPO2EpUDj0"[/media] shows 17 hits in regular sf4. I think the record will be set higher in ssf4 though. Technically, it should be possible to do RSF with tool assistance, so I’m not sure how to tell which videos are real human execution.

I spoke to Maj about his Bi-Weekly TACV (his El Fuerte one). He said he tried RSF on his programmable pad and it would not work above a few hits, I believe that you have to adjust your RSF timing from situation to situation.

Its almost been a year since this thread was last updated.

The timing for RSF in SSF4 has changed slightly imo, but after watching a couple of vids I’ve seen people doing the RSF pretty consistently past 6 hits. Especially after that 11 hit video during an online match, I really want to get at least past 5 hits consistently, but have been stuck at this for about 2 months. Anybody change up the way they RSF from SF4?:wonder:

I say you’re fine if you can get 5 hits consistently. The damage and stun damage scaling makes RSF past 6 hits to be unnecessary effort and risk.

You know that many mash out a reversal during your RSF, hoping you’d drop it some point. It’d be best if you just started your mix-up straight from the 5th hit or just end with the good ol’ slide.

Here are the numbers I posted on the thread earlier. These are SSF4’s stun and damage chart for each successive RSF performed.

Numbers in the parenthesis are difference in stun/damage from the each preceding RSF combo.

Stun numbers first, then Damage

lvl 2 focus + 1 RSF + slide = 410------222------
lvl 2 focus + 2 RSF + slide = 495 (85) 275 (53)
lvl 2 focus + 3 RSF + slide = 565 (70) 319 (44)
lvl 2 focus + 4 RSF + slide = 620 (55) 354 (35)
lvl 2 focus + 5 RSF + slide = 660 (40) 380 (26)
lvl 2 focus + 6 RSF + slide = 685 (25) 397 (17)
lvl 2 focus + 7 RSF + slide = 695 (10)

From 6 RSF to 7 RSF (both with lvl 2 focus and slide) the additional stun is 10!
Each additional RSF from 7 is constantly 10, unless I’m incorrect.

I personally think practicing to get 5 RSF down consistently, and then spending your time on polishing up on your mix-ups, safe tortilla set-ups, fake outs, and defensive mentality will help you be better El Fuerte sooner.

However, do not let me discourage you from wanting to reach high numbers with RSF. It is an opinion of just one amigo after all. Feel free to hear what others have to say and freely make your own choice.

He’s right. If you’re not 100% sure with finishing the RSF, just use fierce, run, slide, or even mix it up with a jabx2/3, then run back. I’ve eaten a lot of reversals and Ultras against people mainly due to them mashing them everytime I start a combo on them because I perform the RSf too slow. However, it works to our advantage because it makes people use those moves and leave themselves open to another punish. El Fuerte is all about punishing. Yes, the RSF is a very good punish, but if you can’t do it, depend on other safer punishes.

You guys are absolutely right about mixing it up after a certain amount of hits. I still get too eager to continue the RSF and usually get dp’d out of it after about 5 hits or so. I guess I just wanted to up the count of hits on RSF because it’s just plain badass when you get higher and higher. It’s still the probably the most satisfying combo to me in this game.

Wow I can finally do 2 hits, never thought I’d see the day…need 3 to do the trial sadly!

wow after practicing since like march I’ve finally been able to do a 10 hit RSF against C.Viper This was in training of course since i was practicing it but my old record was pretty much 6 and 7 in training mode, I also think C.Viper has to be one of the easiest chars to RSF
I have to say RSF has really helped me out alot with el fuerte if I ever get some one into a crumple or am lucky enough to get a cross up fierce I can usually end up hurting them for around 300+ dmg just from RSF alone.

I have to say though the only thing that is sad about RSF is I rarely get much of a chance to use it. I’ve been practicing with the focus attacks lately trying to bait people into doing something stupid so that I can actually nail them. But yeah most of my games online end up with me never using it.

any way to a question I’ve had: For the Run stop C.Mk loop what kind of presses do you guys use on your stick?

do you do QCF light punch > light punch > C.Mk?
or QCF Mpunch > light punch > C.mK ?

been trying to figure out what would be the best way to do it.

I personally run with lp for all of fuerte’s loops, and generally when i run i use lp. Occasionally i will use mp, but not in a run stop loop. Some people swear by using mp in the loop though, its just a matter of what you feel more comfortable with,

I spent 4 hours on Fuertes #24 Trial with Hp,QCF+Hp,lp ~Hp and couldn’t get more than 2 hits is there an easier way to do this?
(I really need to know cause it’s the last trial in the game for me and It’s killing me sigh*)

I do HP QCF lp lp ~Hp I found it easier that way but yeah it took me a good 2 weeks to just get2 hits all I can see is practice practice practice if you do it for like an hour a day you slowly notice yourself to get better at it.

Gotta keep working that muscle memory =)

Thanks for the tip I tried run stop with Lp and Got the trial done!

I’ve been working on RSF for several hours a week for a month or so and am up to 3 with a slide probably 25% of the time. I can do 2 to slide around 80% of the time. I guess you just have to keep at it. I land 2 to slide occasionally in matches, but you can be pretty certain if you screw up your opponent is performing (mashing) about 10 dp’s for every fierce you land. I like to hit lk instead of lp occasionally and then start over when they land again, heh heh.

I’mma make a tutorial on RSF with hands and commentary, because I know alot of people still have a difficult time getting it consecutively

Ive somehow become WORSE with this since supers release. When it first dropped, i was getting 6-10 consistently, and now im lucky if i get 4-5. Fucked if i know what im doing wrong.

I’ve been getting 2 hits and then either far fierce or the grab comes out…anyone have the same problem?

Grab and far fierce? I usually get far fierce on the third, but not a grab. Then again, you’re probably smashing your palm down on lk if you’re using a stick. I don’t have that problem with the pad. Only problem I have is that it’s a pad with an awkward position of making sure the index finger on the R1 stays in sync with the right thumb of the same hand on the lp. Muscle-wise, that isn’t easy.

I used to have this problem. It’s because you’re canceling the run too soon (far fierce), or you’re hitting hp and lp at the same time (grab, if you hit 2 buttons of different strengths at the same time the stronger one will always come out). When I really got serious about practicing I corrected this pretty quick. Really the only way I mess it up now is I do the hp too late and it gets blocked. You really have to practice over and over and over. Watching the youtube video with the sound really helped me rhythm-wise.